QUIZ: Which “2Gether: The Series” character are you?

Watching 2Gether: The Series is a part of most of everyone's Friday routine right now. The series made its viewers reduce their boredom while staying at home and of course, feel kilig amidst right now's situation.

Aside from its classic story line and great OSTs, the show has an array of characters with different side stories. From Sarawat and Tine, and even to Jae Tun, which characters from 2Gether: The Series are you?

Find out with this quiz!

- Jonas

What will you do during a school fair/concert?

1. Scout some cute guys/gals around!
2. I probably just stay at home.
3. Visit booths and check school shops.
4. Enjoy the music and jam through it!

What will you do if your friend has a problem?

1. Invite him/her to a party outside!
2. Probably will leave him/her alone.
3. Not my problem, I don't care!
4. Give him/her some great advice!

What will you do on your first day of school?

1. Find new friends!
2. Look for a new crush.
3. Explore my campus!
4. Nothing, probably on my phone waiting for my class.

Describe your personality through a Scrubb song

1. Everything by Scrubb
2. Deep by Scrubb
3. Close by Scrubb

What will you do to get your crush?

1. Stalk him/her in social media and send a message! SKSKS!
2. Follow him/her around till my crush will notice me.
3. Confess my feelings immediately! Ganoin!
4. The universe has its own ways. Bahala na!
5. Write him/her a song and send it!

In what field are you most interested?

1. Arts, humanities, social sciences
2. Sports, recreation
3. Natural sciences, engineering, mathematics

Describe your dream guy/girl!

1. Romantic, music lover, sometimes random
2. Chill, family-oriented, classy
3. Reserved, brilliant, confident
4. Funny, always happy, too random
5. Cute, soft, will-do-anything-for you

All 7 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Which "2Gether: The Series" character are you?

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