QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Basic K-Drama Phrases?

We are very much sure we've binge-watched a lot of KDramas throughout our day. And every time we watch them, we somehow memorize those basic Korean phrases that are always on our go-to and favorite KDramas!

Not just that it adds to your list of Korean words that you know, it lets you understand more of the drama and lets you know what a character feels and really intends to mean.

From simple Korean words to well-known Korean expressions, this quiz will test how frequently do you watch KDrama and how well you have memorized these phrases!

Good luck!

- Jonas

Question 1 of 10.

"Do you want to die?"

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A girl keeps bugging your boyfriend, Eun Woo. You heard she keeps flirting with him online. You're annoyed with those acts and really had enough, so you had the guts to talk to her. You confronted her softly at first, but she insisted on being the 'mataray' she could be. In a typical confrontation KDrama, as you are very pissed, you would say...

1. 주세요 (juseyo)
2. 거짓말 하지마 (geonjinmal hajima)
3. 죄송합니다 (joesonghamnida)
4. 죽을래 (jugeullae)
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You heard that your crushie Minho was outside. As you are shocked because you are unprepared, you would react...

1. 혹시 (hokshi)
2. 진짜 (jinjja)
3. 아싸 (assa)
4. 오해 하지마 (ohae hajima)
Question 3 of 10.

"You surprised me!"

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You and your special friend Joohyuk are in a restaurant. You excused yourself for a while to have some make-up retouch in the powder room. Little did you know, and being dorky as Joohyuk could be, he is planning to surprise you as you open the door. Things got happened as he planned, and to your surprise, you exclaimed...

1. 정말? (jeongmal?)
2. 세상에 (sesange)
3. 깜짝이야 (kamjjakiya)
4. 여보세요 (yeoboseyo)
Question 4 of 10.

"Hello?" [over the phone]

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You're on a phone call with Song Kang. He said he wants to talk something urgent that it can't wait. To say hello over the phone, you say...

1. 세상에 (sesange)
2. 무슨 소리야 (museun soriya)
3. 약속해 (yaksokhae)
4. 여보세요 (yeoboseyo)
Question 5 of 10.

"What are you looking at"

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You and your oppa Jongsuk went out for a movie date. He chose a rom-com movie for you to watch. Instead of focusing on the film, he keeps staring and looking at you with a silly smile on his face. Being aware of his actions, you would say...

1. 뭘 봐요 (mwol bwayo)
2. 무슨 소리야 이게 (museun soriya ige)
3. 나 먼저 갈게 (na meonjeo galge)
4. 사줘 (sajwo)
Question 6 of 10.

"Are you okay?"

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You and Haein are walking in a park. You guys are having a conversation while walking. You did not notice there was a road bump by the walkway, causing you to trip. Just like in the KDramas, as you fall in slow-mo, Haein caught you softly with his loving arms. He asked you if you're just fine, so he said...

1. 무슨 소리야 (museun soriya)
2. 괜찮아 (gwaenchanha)
3. 혹시 (hokshi)
4. 글쎄요 (geulsseyo)
Question 7 of 10.

"I said don't do that!"

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Seo Joon likes you to taste the chocolate cake he baked a while ago. He intended to tease you by making your mouth full of the dessert he made instead of just taste testing. You said 'hajima' once, but he never listened as he finds you cute, so you said...

1. 글쎄요 (geulsseyo)
2. 어쩔 건데 (eojjeol geonde)
3. 하지말라고 (hajimallago)
4. 그럼 그럼 (geureom geureom)
Question 8 of 10.

"How?" or "What should I do?"

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It's your crushie Soohyun's birthday tomorrow. You planned to surprise him by baking him strawberry cupcakes, as you know it is his favorite. Everything seems right as you started mixing and putting the batter in the oven, but being unaware of the time, you left the cupcakes a little long in the range, causing them to be burned. Panicked with the situation, you say...

1. 행복해 (haengbokhae)
2. 거짓말이야 (geojitmariya)
3. 어떻게 (eotteokhae)
4. 가지마 (gajima)
Question 9 of 10.

"Like this?"

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Your oppa Bogum wants you to learn how to play the piano. You are also very determined to learn as it will add 'ganda points' for you to him. He taught you basic chords on the piano; you followed him and said, "Just like this?" In Korean, you say...

1. 정말? (jeongmal?)
2. 이렇게? (ireohke?)
3. 혹시 (hokshi)
4. 어떻게? (eotteoke?)
Question 10 of 10.

"Wait for a while"

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Your suitor Joongki is waiting outside as he promised he will take you on a dinner date tonight. You're almost done with your look, but you noticed your lipstick does not suit your dress. For him to stay a little while, you would say...

1. 안돼 (andwae)
2. 사과하세요 (sagwahaseyo)
3. 너 미쳤어 (neo michyeosseo)
4. 잠깐만 (jamkkanman)

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Basic K-Drama Phrases?

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