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Filipino MAYs and Wannables, we all share the feels on how much we super miss Wanna One and especially their wink boy, Jihoon. He is coming to Manila mga bes! If you are planning to attend Park Jihoon's First Edition fan meeting in Manila, go buy the tickets and make sure na you'll attend ha. Pero kung kulang sa ipon ka bes, worry no more since Annyeong Oppa is giving away one (1) ticket for his fan meeting! Make sure to read the questions carefully mga bes

Question 1 of 10.

What is the nursery song Jihoon sang in his introductory clip?

1. Gom Se Ma Ri / Three Little Bears
2. Go Baek / Confession
3. Gwiyomi / Cutie
4. Nabiya / Butterfly

He won the hearts of viewers through his confession song!

On his introductory clip, Jihoon sang a small part of the Korean nursery rhyme, Go Baek, a song of confession to express your interest or love to someone. Who wouldn't forget his introductory right? When he promised that if he won, he'll show his abs! 

Question 2 of 10.

Before moving to his present company, Jihoon was a trainee of these two entertainments.

1. YG & Cube
2. SM & Fantagio
3. JYP & Pledis
4. Starship & 1theK

He was a former SM and Fantagio trainee!

He trained during his teen years at SM Entertainment and he eventually transferred to Fantagio! He was supposed to debut as a member of Astro, but he did not make it due to his knee injury. Now, he is under Maroo Entertainment.

Question 3 of 10.

What is the title of this variety show that he guested?

1. Radio Star
2. Happy Together
3. Battle Trip
4. Hello Counselor

It is Happy together!

He visited Happy Together with Kang Daniel and Ong Seung Woo!

Question 4 of 10.

What is Park Jihoon's final rank on Produce 101 season 2?

1. 3rd
2. 8th
3. 2nd
4. 5th

He ranked 2nd!

Even though he started the first few episodes ranking first, Jihoon finished the program ranking second next to Kang Daniel. His ranking eventually is a pass for him to become an official member of the group, Wanna One.

Question 5 of 10.

How did Jihoon choose his official fandom name?

1. His dog picked it
2. Poll voting in his fan cafe
3. His mom picked it
4. Personal choice

His dog choose it!

When his contract with Wanna One ended, Jihoon decided to be a solo artist. On his official fan cafe, he asked for opinions to his fans on what should they be called. He received many suggestions and narrowed it down. He let his dog, Max choose what fandom name should he call his fans..and that is how MAY is born!

Question 6 of 10.

What are the titles of the popular classic Korean dramas Jihoon appeared to?

1. Jumong and The King and I
2. Stairway to Heaven and Jewel in the Palace
3. Boys Over Flowers and To the Beautiful You
4. Full House and Coffee Prince

He was a child actor for some Korean dramas.

Before pursuing the singer-dancer career, Jihoon played some of the young roles to popular classic dramas such as Jumong and The King and I. He was remembered for his role in the King and I when his character became a Eunuch and for his skill on being able to cry so fast!

Question 7 of 10.

What is the title of this show that Jihoon appeared to?

1. Battle Trip
2. Hello Counselor
3. Radio Star
4. Happy Together

It is Battle Trip!

He appeared with fellow member, Woonjin! The enjoyed a trip to Hadong and had a fun time viewing the cherry blossoms.

Question 8 of 10.

During the episode 6 of Produce 101, Jihoon's rank is...

1. 4th
2. 3rd
3. 7th
4. 1st

He ranked 3rd.

Jihoon consistently ranked first on the first five episodes but he fell on the third rank on episode 6. Kim Jong-hyun ranked first, while Kang Daniel ranked second.

Question 9 of 10.

Young Jihoon appeared with this boy group in a TV show and challenged one of the members in crying challenge. Which group is it?

1. TVXQ's Changmin
2. 2PM's Taecyeon
3. BIGBANG's G-Dragon
4. SHINee's Minho

He fought with G-Dragon on Idol World!

This happened almost 11 years ago. When Bigbang is still on their beginning years, they guested Idol World, and the little Jihoon battled G-Dragon to a challenge on who can fill up a tube with tears first.


Question 10 of 10.

What is the title of this show that Jihoon guested alongside Daniel and Minhyun?

1. Happy Together
2. Battle Trip
3. Hello Counselor
4. Radio Star

It is Hello Counselor!

Jihoon, Daniel, and Minhyun took the time to visit and help some concerns of the people in Hello Counselor. They even shared their personal opinions during this episode!

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