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“Bring Me Home”: Heart-wrenching and thrilling search for a missing son

What are you willing to risk to bring home your child who has gone missing?

In the less-than-two-hour movie Bring Me Home, the determination and bravery of a mother named Jungyeon will be tested. The said film is not the typical drama that will make you cry throughout. It perfectly combined the genre of mystery, thriller, and suspense with drama.

A heart-wrenching movie that will also make your heart stop beating and let you solve mysterious puzzles!

Bring Me Home follows the story of a mother named Jungyeon (played by Jewel in the Palace’s Lee Youngae) whose 6-year-old son has gone missing. Six long years have passed and she and her husband, Myeongguk (played by The World of the Married‘s Park Haejoon), have not seen even a trace of him.

One day, she receives a tip-off from an anonymous person, revealing information not included in the distributed flyers. It makes her convinced to go to the village where the fishing spot can be found. However, when she arrives in that strange place, everyone denies that her son is there.


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Personal thoughts

The movie started with a different introduction, giving the feeling of pain, guilt, and longing. The mixed emotions of the actress are there, perfectly suited to the chosen setting, shots, angles, and color grade. As the story continues, it is easy to come up with an agreement that the movie gave justice to combining different genres— drama, mystery, thriller, and suspense.

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It became possible through the right technicalities, good color scheme, proper setting, and the top-notch acting skills of all actors (from main to supporting cast members). However, it should be noted that the sequence of events is alright yet may be most attractive to those who are not used to fast phased kind of story; in short, a semi-slow yet detailed story.

On the other hand, I might say that it is easy to understand and appreciate the movie’s messages. It seems like I was able to meet different persons with different attitudes and perspectives in “survival”. Watching the film is not simply about entertaining oneself in a busy day but also about satisfying oneself. The satisfaction in having a good taste of thriller and dramatic movie; coming across new people; and seeing society from a different perspective.

(Just a side note that you need to ready yourself with the last 10 minutes of the film!)

Although I am not a mother myself, I felt the guilt inside the heart of Jungyeon, when she once asked to be away from her child for a while. There really come a time when we want to take a break away from anyone else because of stress and tiredness; how come a mother who does not only take good care of herself but few more people as well?

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However, that request sometimes gives us a taste of guilt— that, “I hope, I did not ask for that.” Because sometimes, this life makes us suffer with, “I hope, they are still beside me.”

This message was clearly conveyed throughout the movie. The sense of missing, love, and loneliness are present. There are also the aspects of survival, risks, bravery, and sacrifices.

I really felt the determination of the parents in the movie in looking around for their child. I also felt a pang in the heart seeing how many kids are taken away from their families. Suffering at a young age. Confused. Hurt.

Bring Me Home in a different level

What makes this film different from others is how it also tackles or somehow flashes some societal issues (things that humans can do due to poverty, violence, corruption, and mental health). Although these are sometimes misinterpreted or not given enough attention by others, the movie made sure that viewers will have a better understanding of these now.

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Aside from that, the deliverance of messages became more impactful with the help of the chosen mixed genre as well. It does not focus on a single dramatic genre but also chose to allure and entertain viewers with another set of genres. This kind of technique is good because the viewers become more attached to what they are watching.

I am not the kind of person who is into dramatic movies (tackling too emotional topic) because I enjoy more action and comedy ones. However, I came to like Bring Me Home and how things are set to reality.

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