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Lee Minho: The “first oppa” of many fans

I know I am not the only one when I say that Lee Minho was my first favorite and first “most” favorite oppa at the same time. I have only seen few Korean dramas before knowing him through Boys Over Flowers but it was Lee Minho who pushed me to be a K-drama addict.

As young as eight when I first saw him, I already get so mesmerized and captivated by him and his charms (until now). Who would not fall for him, right?

Actor Lee Minho

We all know how great he is in acting, especially in making our eyes filled with tears! However, acting is only one of the many skills he possesses. Lee Minho is also astonishing in stunts and action scenes! What is most mesmerizing about him is that he has a different way to portray a character; I must say that he knows well on how to nail a role.

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It is not being biased but all of his dramas and movies are commendable. He has that magic of showing us the real character in a drama and make us forget that it was actually him in front of us! He has that power to make us invest so much in his role, its background, and emotions while attaching us to the other characters and the story itself.

If you would like to know the dramas and films he took part in, click here.

Home in K-drama

I do not know why I am crying right now while writing this but Lee Minho is a big part of the reasons why I found a home in K-drama— where I have learned a lot of life and love lessons, and have used these to be the best version of myself. Where I have found different yet genuine happiness and enlightenment.

Finding a house is easy for many but feeling at home in it is a different story.

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Little by little, I found myself investing in this thing where it also pours me with a lot of important things I would surely not get somewhere else.

The Lee Minho we love

Many people, including me, will surely describe him as a talented and successful individual. Here, I want to highlight the best and top reasons why a lot of individuals are so into him: humble, kind, good and loving child, generous, respectful of others, and has never said any bad thing towards others. He is actually one of the most praised actors in the industry for he embodies a good attitude and wonderful personality!

I hope, he will inspire more people to always choose kindness no matter how hard it is.

As a fan…

I still remember the pain and tears which fall from my eyes whenever I fail to meet him when he visited the country. It was disappointing, I must admit not. Who would not feel so down when you had the chances yet you were not able to go for it, right?

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I was still young back then, but now, what I truly aspire is for him to be genuinely happy and at peace, as a fan of him. I want to see him up close of course but what comes first is his happiness.

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