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Park Seojun in talks to star in upcoming K-drama of “Dr. Romantic” writer

Park Seojun received an offer to play the male lead in an upcoming Korean drama titled Project K, also known as Gyeongseong Creature.

Awesome ENT, agency of the actor, confirmed the news on May 14 and said that they are currently scanning through his schedule, but noted that he has only gotten the synopsis yet.

If he accepts the offer, he will take the role of Jang Taesang, a rich man from Bukchon who cares so much about his life, not prioritizing justice.

One day, a threat will knock on his door and things will change in his life as he crossed path with a woman.

Project K revolves around survival, anxiety, and human dignity, serving a thrilling genre to its viewers.

It is written by the writer of hit series titled Dr. Romantic, Kang Eunkyung, and will be directed by Jung Dongyoon of award-winning series, Hot Stove League.

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