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ICYMI: EXO became the 1st SM group to reach 11M followers on Twitter

Kings of all Kings!

EXO officially became the first SM Entertainment group to reach 11 million followers on Twitter, dated May 2, 2021.

As of writing, the group already gained 11,025, 484 followers after joining Twitter back in June 2017.

They celebrated their 9th anniversary last April 8 giving EXO-Ls a lot of surprises, such as a comeback announcement, an update from Kim Junmyeon, and so on.

Its fifth member to enter the military, Park Chanyeol, also gave EXO-Ls a gift by continuing the EXO military tradition where the members hold the head of the enlisting member.

Chanyeol will be followed by Byun Baekhyun, being the sixth member to enlist, this coming May 6 same day as his birthday.

Baekhyun recently held an event via V LIVE, May 1, to celebrate his birthday in advance with EXO-Ls that many joined in to have some quality time with the idol.

Other members are also busy with different stuff and they also achieved a new milestone last April 19, bagging 400 million views of Love Shot on YouTube.

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Congratulations and keep on slaying, EXO!

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