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9th anniversary special: A journey with EXO and EXO-Ls

Before anything else, I would only like to say that I am an OT12 stan as you can see in the featured photo.

Let us start by sharing how I started to know about them. I was in junior high school back then when I came to know EXO. It was actually Kris Wu that caught my attention first. Then, I received an unofficial pin of Kris from a classmate which I still have until today.

When 2019 came, I became an official EXO-L after watching a lot of EXO‘s variety shows. Guess what! I changed bias line from Kris to Kim Junmyeon.

I wrote a lot of news articles for them, including their concert in the Philippines from the same year. Sadly, I was not able to attend the event due to financial reasons. Like many other Filipino EXO-Ls, I cried a lot on that day but I did my best to move forward by having a thinking that all things happen for a reason.

In 2020, I became too attached on them having to realize and see how much they sacrifice and struggle, yet they remain strong and kindhearted people. There amd then, I have also witnessed EXO-Ls following the steps of EXO members. I am truly proud of them!

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From that year as well, I received different official merchandise from friends, such as post card, photo book, and an album! Like any other EXO-Ls, I changed bias lane once again to Doh Kyungsoo in 2020. If you are an EXO-L, it is truly impossible to only have one bias and one bias wrecker when everyone keeps on wrecking you.

Message to EXO

I was not there as an official fan when all of you debuted as a group. I was not present during your concerts when I already became an EXO-L. I was not able to buy merchandise as well and my merch are only gifts from friends.

However, all of you never make me feel that I need to be there since the beginning and during events. Instead, each of you embraced me with your warm hugs and reminded me that what matters most is how we stick together through thick and thin. No money. No contribution. No too early and no too late. Just pure love and being intentional.

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Aside from that, all of you taught me that being an EXO-L means being true to our feelings, being strong when all things feel like breaking, and being kind when no one else does.

All of you helped me to see as well the beauty in a rough and challenging journey. The importance of fighting and being brave because one day… one day we will receive what we deserve.

I know, saying “thank you” is not enough to show my gratitude to the 12 of you. Who would have thought that I will be where I am today? Just want to share that each of you are part of these— my successes, growth, and change of perspective.

Thank you for being born in this world, for always loving EXO-Ls, for being kind to everyone, for being a great role model, for doing your best all the time, and for all your songs that keep many going.

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Big thanks as well for always thinking about EXO-Ls but please, we hope that each of you are taking good care of yourselves as well. We want all of you to stay genuinely happy and at peace.

All of you have done great to the point that you all inspire people to be kind, understanding, helping, and be hard working. You have taught many the most important lessons in this world!

We are one

There is no such perfect thing in this world and it is hard to keep promises as well. So, this is not a promise, it is a fact that we will stay beside the 12 of you in ups and downs.

We are one! Happy 9th anniversary, EXO and EXO-Ls.

One day, in the right time and moment, we will meet each other unexpectedly. For now, I will keep on falling in love with the 12 of you.

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  1. Very well said. This article made me cry. I had to retweet this post. Happy Anniversary, EXO and Exo-ls!

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