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Song Kang and Han Sohee confirm to star in JTBC’s romantic drama “I Know But”

Song Kang and Han Sohee confirmed on March 18 to star in the upcoming JTBC romantic drama titled I Know But.

It is based on the webtoon with the same title that revolves around the story of a woman, Yoo Nabi (will be played by Han Sohee), who wants to start dating but she does not believe in the power of love.

Meanwhile, there is Park Jae Eon (role of Song Kang) who believes that dating is annoying but he wants to be playful in love.

Park Jae Eon is the master of “push-and-pull” when it comes to romance but things will change as he meets Yoo Nabi, seeing himself doing the unusual— showing his feelings for her and thinking of dating her.

Likely to him, Yoo Nabi will feel a different emotion upon meeting Park Jae Eon, making her move forward from her bitter past experience with her first love.

I Know But will officially air in June, replacing Undercover in JTBC Friday-Saturday schedule.

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