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Celebrate Women’s Month with the empowering Netflix K-drama and K-movie characters

Babae ako, hindi “babae lang.”

Since the beginning, women have already proved their significant roles in the society that no one could ever erase or deny. In fact, they really do not need to prove anything at all to claim that they are needed by everybody as a place will always feel empty without their presence and power.

Accept it or not, women are important in the family, society, and in the ever developing and changing world. They can be the sweetest grandmother; a hands on mother; a supportive sister; your one-call-away friend; the smart classmate you have who is always there to answer your questions; the considerate team leader; and so on.

The most important part: you being a woman is already enough, you do not need to be well aware of your purpose yet.

Do not feel pressured by your peers or by the society who have always wanted you to be “this” and “that.” You have your own strength and timing; things and blessings will come to your door soon. Enjoy the journey; enjoy being lost in this big and wonderful world. You have a place here!

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Just a kind reminder to try uplifting and empowering your fellow women too. The fight for equality, freedoms, and equal opportunities by feminists are not only for you, but it is for everyone else.

Saying all that…

We would like to drop the illustrations shared by Netflix, featuring the female characters in the Korean drama and movie it launched. These will be accompanied by a short statement of the amazing illustrators behind the arts!

Seo Dalmi from Start-up

Made by artist CJ De Silva

I am 100% Team Dal-mi! She’s unapologetically ambitious and street-smart. She’s a pragmatic dreamer who’s fascinated by brilliant ideas and takes risks to bring it to life.

Artist CJ De Silva

Captain Jang from Space Sweepers

Made by Artist Betsy Cola

It’s rare to see a woman front and center in a sci-fi blockbuster, but even rarer to see a woman of color in that spot. Captain Jang from Space Sweepers is a badass leader in every way.

Betsy Cola
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