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SB19’s classy yet truly motivating “What?” MV reaches 1.4M views, claims 1st spot on YouTube trending list

Tears after tears, achievement after achievement; all deserved!

SB19’s classy yet truly motivating What? music video reached more than 1,400,000 views on YouTube, a day after its release.

It also claimed the first spot on YouTube trending list on the same day, March 10 at 7 p.m., going up hour after hour.

As of writing, it already gained more than 243,000 likes and 104,000 comments from various people, fans and non-fans, commending the lyrics, music video, and the overall quality of the comeback song.

As noticeable as it is, the March 2021 comeback of SB19 truly set the bar too high, giving goosebumps to the viewers while tears out of happiness are flowing.

The lyrics are really heartwarming for it depicted the humble beginnings of the group before they achieved all the recognition, awards, and acknowledgment of many all over the world.

Aside from that, some other lines also talked about their choice to stay humble no matter how far they have gone already, their solid aim to show their identity as Filipinos, and more.

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It perfectly suits the vocal and rap lines of SB19, giving emphasis to the messages they want to convey.

With the hopeful and elegant concepts they made use of, it cannot be hidden that they were also able to perfect the combination of all the ingredients to make What? truly outstanding.

From editing, choreography, and other materials they utilized, all were beneficial to have a motivating impact to the heart and soul.

Hard work truly pays off.

Congratulations once again to SB19, A’TIN, and everyone behind the masterpiece!

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Stream the MV below.

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