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Compilation of heartfelt feature contents for SB19

All contents are made by Chriselle Olaguera, Sherilyn Vivar, and Cyril Olaguera

Describing SB19 in one word has always been hard for me since the time I started getting swooned over them; would great, talented, kindhearted, or outstanding be enough? Of course, the answer is no; if there is only one word that can sum up all the greatness of the members, that would be it!

To show our love and support to the group, the members, and to A’TIN, we have been coming up with various articles and posts from then to now. Recently, in specific is last November 29, 2020, we decided to feature the members one by one. Together with Admin She and Admin Cyril, we were able to share a series of feature posts for the members; it started with Ken, followed by Josh, Jah, Stell, and ended with Sejun.

The main purpose, of course, is to let the members know how worthy, loved, and appreciated they are. They did not only bring happiness and entertainment to us but they also give us hope, inspiration, and strength. In my case, SB19 teach me as well to work hard more, try new things, take risks, make use of my skills and talents to inform others or give them joy, and always try to be kind no matter how hard it could be.

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The next thing we aim is, yes, to let more people know about them because we highly believe that SB19 deserves great recognition, acknowledgment, support, and love. We are really thankful and beyond happy to see them achieve a lot of things and do what they love.

Then, we also want to recognize the hard work of A’TIN and to let them know that we are here for them. All of us, team Annyeong Oppa, are grateful to each of you for being so supportive, appreciative, and kindhearted, likely to SB19!

Last but not the least, we want to share everything we wanted to about these men who we purely love. If one word is not enough, why not say things one by one as much as we can, right?

Thank you, SB19 and A’TIN! We will always be right here to be with all of you. From humble beginnings to more successes!

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Feature contents for SB19 members

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