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Anticipation and reaction on iKON’s “Why Why Why” comeback digital single

Crying is a single word that has always been inclined to being an iKONIC, may it due to happiness, excitement, pain, or any other emotion. We cry because we are so proud of all the members of iKON; we cry because we see them shine and achieve their dreams; we cry whenever they do what they love; we cry when they are in pain. There are still various reasons why we usually shed tears over iKON but I must say that all the drops are worth it. 7KON are worth it.

I have been a casual listener of iKON since the Love Scenario era and we all know how far they have come already; however, we all know as well that they deserve more recognition, acknowledgment, love, and all. They deserve the best, in short! I officially became an iKONIC last September 2020 and throughout being a fan, they gave me nothing but inspiration, happiness, and strength.


Since Kim Jiwon shared that there is a group comeback during the last quarter of 2020, followed by the hints coming from the members, I already wrote a draft comeback article for them which took months before publishing. I have been so excited to finally hear about the official announcement of it as it will be the group’s first comeback that I will experience as I became an official iKONIC. Primarily, I am anticipating it since these men have always been so vocal with their desire and hope to be back on stage and to further connect with iKONICs.

However, I was kind of worried as well for weeks. I was asking myself if I am ready and can finally listen to their songs again since my pet died just last month. She really loves listening to iKON songs and it makes me cry nonstop when I try playing any song of the group since then.

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I let myself healed by feeling all the emotions and accepting all that happened. I will get better. I can get through all these. Just like before, iKON helped me throughout the ups and downs of my life.

I am not exaggerating when I say that it feels like I have been an iKONIC for years, although I am only a 6-month-old iKONIC, considering how welcoming iKONICs are; how attached I am with iKON and the whole fandom; and how much I fell for them already. It is not an exaggeration as well when I tell you that I love them harder as time passed by. I purely love every bit about the members.

With the recent comeback of Bobby and the participation of iKON in Kingdom, I have always prayed and hoped that may all these things flutter their hearts and give them so much joy too.

It is heartwarming to know how we have always wanted the best for them and so they are for us, their fans. We do not simple have a group – fan relationship but actually deeper than that that is family.


I literally cried upon seeing the preview of the official music video of Why Why Why on my notification today, March 3. So imagine how many tears I shed when I finally view the MV, hear them sing, and interpret the lyrics.

I did not know it was possible to have goosebumps for more than a minute until I watched this 2021 comeback of iKON; I have had goosebumps from the beginning until the end. Who would not when the aesthetics and visuals of the members are so visible? Who would not when the vocal line and Bobby’s rap are prevailing?

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As I mentioned, the aesthetics of this MV are really astonishing and eye-catching. It really suited the theme and concepts they wanted to show us and make us feel. Still and all, that is just the starting point of everything.

Let us go to the comeback visuals and looks of Jung Chanwoo, Kim Donghyuk, Koo Junhoe, Bobby, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Jinhwan. I almost forgot that my ultimate bias is Ju-ne when they left me with my mouth wide open; yes, I am that amazed! Believe me when I say that all of them could pass off as the “visual” of the group. No lie detected!

Next is that they set the bar too high once again. iKON is known as a group that gives us only masterpieces, shower us with heartbreaking songs, and kings of going beyond the boundaries. Perfect is not enough to describe this 2021 comeback considering all the factors. They make us feel different emotions in a snap, they allow us to dance and sing-along with them, they let us reminisce the good and kind of painful memories, and they make us feel how much they love us.

It is amazing how all iKON members have always made us feel that we are not only fans of them, we are their treasure, strength, and family.

Moving forward…

Why Why Why lyrics, of course, contributed a lot in sending us chills, making us cry, and all. In my perspective and own interpretation, it wanted to make us realize that we need to give importance to every minute we spend with our loved ones, may it be family, friends, special someone, and so on.

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We do not own time and this world, everything can change in the blink of an eye. Do you want to live in regrets? Do you want your heart and brain to be filled with endless what-ifs?

On the other hand, this song also circulates on enduring yet affectionate love. I have a lot of things to say about who I think they dedicate this song but I will leave this part open for you to think about.

Lastly, the vocal line, the rap of Bobby, and the choreography are flawless. All of these are too powerful that it becomes impossible to not listen and watch them on repeat. They have perfected the ingredients to give us more than a great piece as usual.

All of them did great to the point that I am in danger of changing my bias line (not a joke)! I am beyond happy to see each of them getting the spotlight they deserve but I am kind of looking forward to see more of Bobby in this comeback. I am so proud of all of them!

Overall, I love how they came back stronger than ever. I have emphasized a lot of things already but it feels like I still want to share more of my feels and opinion. But I will end this article by saying…

Instead of asking, “Why why why should I stan iKON,” rather ask, “Why why why will not I love and support iKON?”

Below are a few of the tweets to look upon

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