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SB19 gives intense and powerful teasers for the March 2021 comeback single, “What?”

The kings are coming back and all are hailing them!

With the first official teaser being dropped on February 9, SB19 gave fans a catchy yet truly breathtaking photo hinting clue of a possible comeback.

It was joined with a caption saying, “What is coming?” together with the date March 9, 2021, and hashtags “SB19 Ikalawang Yugto” and “SB19 What Is Coming.”

To give more excitement to the fans, SB19 shared a short clip on their YouTube channel titled SB19 ‘Ikalawang Yugto’ (New Era Trailer) on February 15.

Last February 25, the new song title was revealed to be What? with official music launch details shared on March 2.

The shown concept was really different from what has been showcased in the Pinoy pop industry so far, highlighting intense and powerful vibes with a touch of royalty and elegance.

Each member’s charisma and character have been featured well, suiting the overall concept and theme they wanted to bring up.

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Wherein, all were proven with the ongoing posting of individual teasers and other clips from February 16 to the present, before the official launch on March 9.

See more below.

SB19 is a P-pop group with five members, namely Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin.

They are well-known for being synchronized and having powerful vocal and rap lines; debuting songs on Billboard and being recognized locally and internationally.

Set your reminder now!

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