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iKON’s Bobby announces solo comeback after 3 years

Kim Jiwon, the one who set the bar too high for rappers after winning in “Show Me The Money 3” at a young age, is officially coming back!

iKON’s Bobby announced solo comeback after three years through an unveiled teaser on January 15.

The 27-second length video posted by iKON’s official YouTube channel showcases a confident, fierce, and appealing Bobby.

He was running towards a dead end path with Han River in the view, mixed with a calming and comforting surrounding.

The closing part, which shows BOBBY – COMING SOON, can be noticed that the idol’s favorite flower was used in the two letter O of “soon.”

Bobby had his first studio album, Love and Fall, last September 14, 2017; wherein, he was the producer, writer, and composer of his songs.

It contains lead singles, such as I Love You and Runaway, which are both captivating, meaningful, and ear pleasing likely to all the masterpieces he created.

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Watch the teaser below, leave a good comments, and show love.

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Featured photo from SBS

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