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ICYMI: SB19 performed “ikako” on Wish Bus, video surpasses 100k views on YouTube

Photo courtesy of SB19

The popular, multi-talented, and awarded Filipino group SB19 performed ikako live on Wish Bus last January 12, 2020.

As of writing, the posted video on YouTube already surpassed 100,000 views with more than 20,000 likes.

On the video, before the members started singing, Sejun personally shared, “Inaalay po namin ‘tong kantang ‘to para sa lahat ng mga magigiting at matatapang na tao na humarap sa taong ‘to. Kahit ano pa ‘yan, babangon tayo.”

The single, written by SB19 leader Sejun, is a tribute song to all Filipino front liners and the Philippine workforces during the pandemic.

It was released last May 15, 2020, with an encouraging caption on YouTube that says, “We believe in the power of Filipinos, the power to win any struggle. Today, we must face this battle until we overcome it. Until the end, please be happy and healthy.”

It has a deeply encouraging, touching, and warm message that can be noticed through the lyrics.

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Combined with the vocal and rap line of the group, ikako became more extra powerful and ear pleasing song.

Listen to their Wish 107.5 performance below.

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