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Threads and letter: Appreciation contents for iKON, the members, and Director Kim Hanbin

Having the opportunity to talk about and share contents related to iKON and IOK In-house Director Kim Hanbin are one of the best things I have ever had. Appreciation posts, articles, special birthday feature, memes, name it; I have tried almost a lot of things, and throughout, I can still feel the butterflies on my stomach while doing all these things.

Of course, it is thanks to our Lord for the blessings and to our founder, Ate Anj, for giving me chances and her trust. It has always been mixed with fun, pure love, and excitement.

Let us not waste any moment; I am here to share to all of you my letter and some of my posted threads for 7KON.

Letter for 7KON

Love has a lot of definitions which sometimes make the feeling itself so complex. However, pure love only means one thing– loving someone so dearly without expecting anything in return; and I can say that I purely love iKON and Director Kim Hanbin.

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Whether we meet in this lifetime or not, I am already happy just seeing each of you striving, achieving your heart’s desires, genuinely in joy, and safe. Whether any of you will be able to know how much I love all of you or not, I am contented cheering you from a far.

As cliché as it may seem, I am already happy having the talent and opportunity to feature the seven of you in our platform and social media accounts. Where there are a lot of Hallyu fans, who may potentially recognize your talents and kindness, aside from us, iKONICs and BInics.

This is what I have signed up for– knowing the boundaries, I am already in joy listening to your music, watching your performances, and seeing all of you attaining successes. I have signed up for a lifetime happiness; where I will be able to meet more people, make friendships, and be influenced by goodness.

This pure love I have for the seven of you is one of the reasons why I love you all for being yourselves, including your flaws. I trust, respect, and believe in all of you without even knowing half of the things about your lives.

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I do not need to know those things about yourselves which may be too personal already. I only signed up as a fan, who will purely love and be loyal to all of you as long as I am breathing.

This is Admin Selle, forever grateful to iKON, 131, and to all iKONICs who added colors to my life; gave strength to me as a woman; showered me with so much love; and for helping me to get through each and every hardship. Sending my unending love and warm virtual hugs to all of you; thank you for becoming part of my life and my own successes.

Let us walk on the flowery path together, slowly but steadily, iKON and B.I.

Threads and appreciation posts

A lot of articles and random posts are not included below. All contents are made by yours truly, Admin Selle.

The first time we ever used “IOK In-house Director Kim Hanbin”

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