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Heartfelt poetry for Director Kim Hanbin: An inspiration during uncertainties

Hardships are always there in our lives; there are points when things get out of hand and so painful to bear. Prayers, bravery, and trust are three of the most significant things to remember and possess during those challenging days.

As blessed as I am, the Heaven made it extra by sending people who will inspire, motivate, and help me through thick and thin. IOK In-house Director Kim Hanbin? He is one of the best blessings I will forever be grateful to the Lord.

As an appreciation to the man who influenced me so much of good things, here is a heartfelt poetry dedicated to him. 143 for 131.

Photo from iKON

You came to my life,

In a perfect timing;

Through the painful day and night,

You were there shining,

Comforting me with your songs and smile,

You give me hope to keep striving.

Almost three years since I have known you,

Three years since I have known a man of kindness;

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Sunshine and rains but mostly rains were our view,

Yet, you never fail to spread positivity and gentleness;

So we were proven something not anew,

That rainbows come after rains; we witness.

All through the saddening days,

All through the tiring nights,

You embraced me with warmth;

All through the years,

And for the next months,

I have known bravery and kindness shall both be used and shine forth.

You have helped me see even more,

That the world is beautiful,

And so are your heart that is full of care,

Not deserving of anything that is painful.

Everything maybe vague right now,

But I am more confident that I know myself better,

And I know that we will be together until forever and not just now,

You are part of it, including me seeing myself as “best”, not just better.

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