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Lee Jongsuk to officially discharge from the military today after 22 months

The long wait is finally over to many Korean drama fans as one of the well-known and talented Korean actors will officially be back from the military.

Lee Jongsuk is set to be discharged as a public service worker today, January 2, 2021, after 22 months, according to the report of Osen.

He entered the military back in March 2019 after working on his tvN K-drama titled Romance is a Bonus Book with Lee Nayoung.

Before his enlistment day almost two years ago, Lee Jongsuk once said, “I will not ask you all to wait for me, if there are people out there who are better than me.”

After all these years of not seeing him, fans have patiently waited with their burning love for him, still having him as one of their top favorites.

In fact, Lee Jongsuk stans around the world united to share their love and longing to the actor on December 31, making the hashtag #WelcomeBackLeeJongsuk trended on the same day.

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The king will never be replaced, indeed!

Congratulations to our beloved Lee Jongsuk for serving his country well and for taking good care of himself! Job well done, we are so proud and happy for you.

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Photo from Lee Jongsuk’s Instagram account

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