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iKON bags another milestone after reaching 1M followers on Twitter

Photo courtesy of @YG_iKONIC

Five years since the launched of the official Twitter account of iKON, it finally reached one million followers on the late night of December 20, Philippine time.

Right in time with the birthday celebration of its multi-talented member, Kim Jiwon, and on the same day when iKON Sunday Production held an appreciation day for Kim Donghyuk, another blessing has been marked.

To commemorate that day, iKONICs around the world used and trended #1MWITHYG_iKONIC together with #PrettyBOBBYDay.

Recently, iKON also achieved 450 million views of Love Scenario, 30 million views of Dive and Airplane, 500k subscribers of Song Yunhyeong, Bobby’s first ever official soundtrack with Record of Youth, and many more.

The members are currently busy with iKON-ON and engaging with fans on VLIVE by group and individually.

Aside from these, Song Yunhyeong and Jung Chanwoo are also releasing quality vlogs on their respective YouTube channels every week, if not every week, they notice fans on when their contents will be posted.

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Congratulations to iKON and iKONICs with all the achievements they have been gaining; truly well deserved.

iKON is coming to town and we can not help but to say, “iKON world domination is coming again!”

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