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#ForBobby: A birthday special to celebrate with iKON’s Kim Jiwon’s 26th

Many people truly have gone through a lot of hardships, failures, and rejections before they have achieved their dreams. While some individuals are still striving, working hard, and doing extra efforts now to pursue their heart’s desires, despite of no assurance of success in the future.

Likely to them, iKON’s Kim Jiwon also has the same challenging story before he became known as a solo artist and part of the popular Korean pop group. After living for years in United States facing financial problems, he risked big time in South Korea, in hopes to bring his family back to the land.

It is not luck that knock on his door; the perseverance, hard work, and bravery within him are few of the things which help him go wherever he is now. Thanks to his natural talents which he was able to enhance throughout the years, he only did not add colors to his life but actually to more lives of people— iKONICs, Bobby stans, and more.

As wonderful and enchanting that day when Bobby won in Mnet’s Show Me The Money 3, he took a big step towards his dreams to be with his family in South Korea and buy his mother her own home. He was and is still not after fame, he wants a comfortable life for his family, and make others happy.

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Did you know that Bobby was the only trainee, not yet debuted as an idol back then, who won in the said survival show? It is one of the various reasons why many say and believe that he totally set the bar too high for rappers.

Beautiful Kim Jiwon

Sharp yet smooth moves, ear pleasing rapping, great singer – songwriter, and genius, these are only some of the things about Kim Jiwon to look forward to. All in all, it is safe to say that many people fell harder for him because of his beautiful personality and commendable attitude; bonus only is his jaw-dropping visual!

As mentioned, he is hard working, and also a warm person, generous, thoughtful, funny, kind, humble, and loyal. It should be noted that Bobby is also that type of individual who do not blindly follow a rule given to him; as long as he knows what is right and best, he would go for it, especially when it will make more people happy.

What is much amazing about him is that, he always pours so much effort, passion, and love in everything he does. He even whole-heartedly composed and co-written a lot of masterpieces of different groups, idols, and artists with no hesitation! No doubt why all the songs he brought to life have a different impact to the lives of people.

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Bobby is beautiful inside and out; he loves and cares too much for other people. He gives and shares his blessings without expecting something in return. A real role model he is!

Personal gratitude message to Bobby

Today, December 21 of year 2020, you already reached your 26th birthday (South Korea age system), our pretty Kim Jiwon. Are you well aware how loved and appreciated you are by many people?

I have been experiencing struggles and been going through pain and trauma for the past few weeks, but you are of the many blessings which God brought to my life. I am deeply thankful to Him for letting me know and have someone like you as my role model.

With your humble, hard working, and risky behavior, I am highly encouraged to wipe my tears and stand up after each and every stumbles. With you and your voice, my heart is softened, comforted, and little by little healed.

Thank you, Bobby, for existing and keeping yourself strong; you are a source of happiness, light, and strength of many iKONICs and Bobby stans. Thank you for creating masterpieces which I also play and sing whenever I feed and make time with my hamsters. They really love iKON and your songs!

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Thank you is not enough to tell you how much you mean to my life but thank you for helping me heal and be the best version of myself. In this world where there is no constant thing, my love for you will only grow day by day, Bobby. I purely love you and that is for forever.

The song below titled Climax, which you co-written, is one of the few songs that always make me cry whenever I listen to it. The first time I heard it, I could not help myself but to cry and be proud of Team B and the whole iKON so much. It has a different vibe and effect to me and I must say that it is one of the best songs in this world. From lyrics, deep meaning, to tune, and beat, these perfectly suit the vocals and rap line of your group slash family.

What I love the most about it is the message it wants to convey and reach the people. It is a story that tells a lot about pain, sacrifices, team work, perseverance, passion, and determination.

iKON and Bobby will forever have a special space in my heart.

iKONICs heartfelt messages

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