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JOIN: Filipino iKONICs to hold a special appreciation day event for Song Yunhyeong

Like idols, like fans!

A group of Filipino iKONICs announced on December 12 that they will be holding a special appreciation day event for Song Yunhyeong.

It will officially happen on December 13, Sunday, the whole day.

The event aims to hype and show deep appreciation to iKON’s Yunhyeong, so the members of the Filipino iKONICs group are in hope that many fans will participate on it.

Who is Song Yunhyeong?

To get to know the multi-talented and kind-hearted idol, a variety of activities will be happening tomorrow.

In which, iKONICs and Yunhyeong stans will surely enjoy while interacting with their fellow fans.

Knowing how hard-working, passionate, and sincere Yunhyeong is, having to join such activity is not a waste of time.

His love for iKONICs is overwhelming and so pure, so why not make use of this opportunity to show him how highly loved and appreciated he is?

To know more the event, see the tweet below.

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In every tweet of yours tommorow, do not forget to include the following:

WHO IS SONG YUNHYEONG #YunhyeongBESTBOY #베스트보이노래 @sssong6823 #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC

The event was initiated by the hard-working and kind-hearted fans, namely @Kageyam10970492, @mambinnieseyo, @shibal_af, @withkonbin, @elxxd22, and @___mabini.

Stay tuned for more details and upcoming projects!

Do not forget to follow Yunhyeong on his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

Watch his latest vlog below:

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