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Enjoy & donate: “SB19 – Monsoon Relief” to rerun on November 28!

With the seen demand of many people, the Global Live online concert of the popular Filipino group SB19 will once get aired again!

SB19 – Monsoon Relief was a successful first-ever online concert of the multi-talented group that sold more than 7,000 tickets and trended on Twitter nationally and worldwide.

It is dedicated to help those people who are in need and were drastically affected by the recent typhoons in the Philippines.

According to ShowBT Philippines, “The proceeds of the replay will be donated to charity, especially to those affected by the recent calamities.”

In the online concert, SB19 were able to perform their original hits from Get in the Zone album, such as Alab, Hanggang sa Huli, Love Goes, Tilaluha, ‘Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo, and their breakthrough song titled Go Up.

Josh, Stell, and Justin also carried out a great performance of Bruno Mars’ Finesse and Bamboo’s Hallelujah.

Meanwhile, Sejun and Ken also left their fans in awe with their jaw-dropping performance of Akala.

Other than that, they also featured Sundin ang Puso and an encore performance, before the heartwarming video messages of A’TIN were presented.

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Do not miss out on witnessing and enjoying the amazing stages of SB19 while having the opportunity to donate!

It will officially happen on November 28, Saturday, at 2 p.m. in Philippine time.

Avail your tickets via TicketNet and Global Live payment platforms.

While waiting for the D-day, read the 19 reasons why you should stan the amazing and our very own SB19 here.

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  1. SB19 really deserved to be called the P-pop Kings. They don’t just have the talent and passion in performing, they also love and have the same passion to their country and every Filipino. Their personalities, attitudes, passion and dedication is enough for them to be the representative of the Philippines to the world of music. GOD BLESS SB19. Seek, Thank, and Depend on God always.

  2. Well at first, I did not notice their group but suddenly when ALAB era came and first time to watch them on YT singing on the Wish Bus.. I was so impressed. Ater that Wish Bus performance, I started to watch all their videos and even their reactors. I really admire their friendship and their impeccable singing and dancing skills, dedication and hard work to reach their goals. I’m stanning this boys for 4 months now. We go up!! SB19 #SB19

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