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JOIN NOW: A birthday project support for iKON’s Jung Chanwoo from Changu

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In less than three months, one of the sunshine and sources of strength of iKONICs will officially celebrate his 24th birthday!

Do you know who he is? It is none other than the maknae and multi-talented, iKON’s Jung Chanwoo.

To make the special day more meaningful and wonderful than what it is already, Chanwoo Nation is currently holding two different birthday projects for the idol and actor.

Through this action, “We wanted to make something meaningful for him so he will know how precious he is to us,” shared by Chanwoo Nation to The Annyeong Oppa.

The birthday projects include a magazine-themed message book called Changu Magazine and a fund raising From Changu to Chanwoo.

Chanwoo Nation

A Twitter global fan base launched in 2018, Chanwoo Nation has continually shown its support for Chanwoo and his career through various ways.

The dedicated members, and of course who are also fans, have been working hard to share update on Chanwoo’s schedule, make advertisement to promote him, and create a global project to send him gift support.

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Previously, they sent a Rice Wreath of 126kg during iKON Kemistry fan meeting in 2019, along with a birthday project for Chanwoo’s 23rd birthday, and many more which were sent to him safely and successfully.

For January 2021, as mentioned, they present Changu Magazine, wherein fans can participate for free, and From Changu to Chanwoo.

Changu Magazine and From Changu to Chanwoo

Changu Magazine is a project that will include the birthday greetings and fan arts of iKONICs and Chanwoo stans where they can participate for free.

For the message, a fan can send maximum of 300 characters, written either in English or Korean.

When it comes to the fan art, it should be in a maximum size of A4 and saved either in jpeg of png.

What is amazing about it? The Changu Magazine will have a QR code later on that only Chanwoo can scan.

To learn more, see the photo above; then, to submit message and/ or fan art, click here now!

Meanwhile, the project called From Changu to Chanwoo aims to send birthday gifts to the idol and actor, such as audio technica condenser microphone set, godox ring light, and bedding set.

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To participate in this project, see the photos above and contact or reach out to Chanwoo Nation by clicking here.

Participate now before it ends on November 15!

Jung Chanwoo

First known as an actor, Jung Chanwoo took part in different hit Korean dramas, and acted as the young Lee Min Ho in two shows, such as Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs.

He debuted with iKON on September 15, 2015 under YG Entertainment, celebrated their 5th anniversary last two months ago from now.

He is best known as someone who is multi-talented, online gamer, incredibly smart, kind-hearted, and a perfect role model.

iKONICs have seen how dedicated and passionate he is to learn more and improve his singing and dancing skills since then up until now.

He is someone who is not afraid to ask for help and guidance, and is also a type of person who do not get ashamed in learning from others.

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To see more of him and support all he does, check out his YouTube channel here.

In case you missed it, Chanwoo recently shared a vlog where he tried different Filipino snacks, such as Zuperrr Keju, Nova, Chippy, La-La, Sponge, and Capkai (Cap means chicken, and kai means skin) respectively.

Watch below!

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