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IOK In-House Director Kim Hanbin reaches 3M followers on Instagram, recent post at 1.2M likes

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IOK In-House Director Kim Hanbin on October 29 officially reached three (3) million followers on Instagram.

At exactly one week since he turned public his account, he already gained 600,000 followers.

His recent post also garnered a lot of love from his fans, bagging 1.2 million likes and 295,000 comments.

It has been more than a year since he last updated his account (before the recent one), and fans cried out of happiness witnessing him do such simple act yet important for them.

Kim Hanbin celebrated his 25th birthday (Korean age) last October 22, receiving overflowing love, support, and presents from various fans around the world.

In fact, he dominated the trends in Twitter on his birthday, topping different countries and even worldwide trends.

Listen to the songs of the genius singer, songwriter, and composer on SoundCloud by searching 131 or click here.

DEMO.1, DEMO.2, DEMO.3, DEMO.4, and DEMO 2017 are all available in the mentioned music platform.

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Congratulations for this milestone, Kim Hanbin! We are happy and proud of you. We are wishing all the best for you because you only deserve the best.

Take your time because iKONICs and BInics will always patiently wait for you; here to love and support you.

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