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ICYMI: iKON’s “Airplane” reached 30M views on YouTube

iKON’s Airplane officially reached 30 million views on YouTube last October 22.

It is now the 10th song of the group on the said music platform garnering more than 30M views.

As of writing, it also garnered over 427,000 likes and 19,000 comments from fans, iKONICs.

The other songs which surpassed the mentioned views beforehand are Love Scenario (439M), Killing Me (175M), Rhythm Ta (63M), Bling Bling (58M), My Type (55M), Goodbye Road (54M), I’m OK (34M), Dumb and Dumber (32M), and Apology (32M).

Airplane is a song from iKON’s studio album called Welcome Back, with lyrics written by Kim Jiwon and former leader Kim Hanbin.

It has that vibe fitted for rainy-days-playlist, when you can perfectly listen to it like it understands your feelings and emotions so well.

What is more fascinating about it is that, the vocal and rap line of iKON really suit to the lyrics and tune, likely to all the songs of the group.

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Watch, listen, and stream it below!

Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment
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