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Heartfelt poetry for iKON’s Koo Junhoe: A light to life

Have you ever experienced that moment in your life that is so stressing? It is that point that the only thing you can do is to pray while crying. Then, suddenly, a gift from heaven will be sent to your life, healing all the pain.

In my case and in this year, someone was sent to my life, a blessing I will always be grateful for, and that is iKON’s Koo Junhoe. I have been casually listening and supporting the group but it was in the third quarter of this year when I was able to see more of him. It was also that point when he helps me cope up with everything that is happening.

One smile and everything seems okay. One laugh and I will forget all the pain. Just one Junhoe from above and my life gets more color.

Here is a poem for Ju-ne to show my gratitude, love, support, and appreciation to him.

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Photo from @juneeeeeeya

Junhoe: A light to life

Challenging days are there,

Draining all of me,

Sometimes combined with nights clothed with sadness, I swear,

But you came, on the right timing, to me.

You brought light to my life,

And have comforted me with your presence,

You wiped away the tears from all-night cries;

Then and there, I knew you are a gift from the Heavens.

Your laughs give me genuine smile,

Your voice give me peace and happiness;

You are truly more than your handsome profile,

You are greater than your talents that leave many speechless.

If there is a way to give back the warm love you gave us,

I’ll run towards it as if I’m in a race,

As if it’s a life’s must,

As if I need to win a case.

Because you are worthy of every single “thank you” there is in the world,

You deserve all the love and care,

You deserve recognition even from beyond the outside world;

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Your hard work, efforts, and love are appreciated, I hope you are aware.

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