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[BREAKING] Big Hit Entertainment shares BTS’ Jin’s enlistment can be delayed until end of next year

Photo courtesy of Korea Dispatch

Big Hit Entertainment shared on September 3 in a registration statement that BTS member Jin’s enlistment can be delayed until end of 2021.

As Jin was born in 1992, his enlistment can be delayed until the end of next year based on the military service law, as stated by the label.

With that, it was mentioned that Big Hit is currently working on pre-production of albums and more including the adjustment on their schedules.

In that case, the decrease on sales can be minimised and handled well; along with that, it was also brought up that BTS members received as much as 68,000 shares of the agency.

In which, it means that over 9,200,000,000 won is the worth of the members combined.

Other than that, no further statement about the enlistment plan of Jin has been shared.

Meanwhile, BTS recently created history by topping the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with English single titled Dynamite on September 1.

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It is the first time that the seven-piece group made it to the list and also the first time that a South Korean pop act has taken home the first spot.

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