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Meet SUPERFIVE: Korea’s newest Trot Idol Group!

Ready to take the Korean music industry by storm, newly formed five-member group SUPERFIVE (다섯장) made its debut on MBC Music Core’s August 22 episode.

With the mission to revolutionize the current Korean music scene, the rookie Trot Idol group named as SUPERFIVE was born. The group was the product of MBC’s new fusion music variety program Favorite Entertainment (츼엔터테인멤트). With the current revival of the Korean trot as a popular music genre, the show aimed to fulfill ‘trot queen’ Jang Yoon Jung’s vision to form a top trot boy group that will cater not only to the older generations but also to the younger generations who are usually into KPop.

The show is presented as an “Entertainment Agency” with Jang Yoon Jung as the CEO and with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and comedian Kim Shin Young as the manager and show MCs.

The Auditions

The program started with a survival show format; conducting open auditions where people of all ages can apply. The show received a diverse number of applicants, ranging from regular citizens, company employees and even active idol group members.

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The show had an audition booth at the MBC Music Core filming studio.
Different boy group members who are interested in trot have also tried their luck with the auditions.
One memorable live audition was Astro’s MJ
WITZ’s Jooan also auditioned for the show
Stray Kid’s IN also went to audition
Pentagon’s Hui also went to the audition

The Chosen 5

After the live audition and formal interview by CEO Jang Yoon Jung, the five members were finally chosen and immediately trained and attended by a team of professional producers.

The group’s first meeting together

Their first performance

After a short period of training, the group was already given a mission to perform in front of a live audience. They performed the trot hit songs of Kim Shin Young, Leeteuk and Jang Yoon Jung.

Debut Preparation

After their successful public performance, the group finally started their preparation for their official debut as a project group. They recorded their original songs and and practiced the choreography for them. They also had to undergo transformation in terms of physical appearance, fitness and style.

Later on, the group finally decided on their name. It started out as a joke between Leeteuk and Shin Young but it was surprisingly chosen as the group concept. Daseotjang a group of trot idols that represent the essential sauce ingredients in Korean cuisine: Gochuchang (Hui), Ganjang (Hyukjin), Gireumjang (MJ), Ssamjang (Jinwook, Dwaenjang (Hyeongseok). As part of the promotion, the group filmed a teaser directed by comedian Yoo Se Yoon.

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The group’s preparation was also complete with jacket shooting that showcased the member’s visuals.

Overflowing chemistry fill the newly-formed group

Official Debut

The group finally made their debut at MBC Music Core with their songs “Hello, Hello” and “All Eyes on Me”. Watch their performances below:

After their successful debut, we can now follow their journey as a trot idol group that will hopefully introduce the Korean Trot genre in the international scene.

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  1. Wow,this is so amazing! Their voices was a Phenomenal.Im really proud of Super 5 Trot Idol,full of very talented singers and dancers.Job well done and looking forward with more blessings to come.Stay blessed and safe Super 5 Trot Idol! We love you here in Virginia,USA!!!!!

  2. I’ll never get tired watching and listening to Super 5 Trot Idol,your music is full of love,inspiration and happiness what a truly blessing to all of us.Keep up the good work,cuz you all our Shinning Star!!!!

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