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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol releases teasers ahead of premiere night on Netflix PH

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol released official teasers on August 20 few days ahead of its premiere night on Netflix Philippines.

The short video which features Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook gives a bubbly aura of the two and the delighting romance all over the place.

It is kind of impossible not to plaster a smile or laugh while watching it, seeing them on screen.

The official poster it unveiled added up to the excitement that the story and actors have given the fans.

It comes with a phrase above, “Too lovely for me except for her I.O.U.”

See teasers below.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is about a pianist named Gu Ra Ra, played by Go Ara, who has financial problems.

She asked for help from the mysterious man named Sunwoo Jun, played by Lee Jae Wook, by borrowing his money.

However, Ra Ra does not pay her debts like how she should be, instead she keeps on asking for Jun’s help that adds up to his annoyance.

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Still, it cannot be denied that Ra Ra is like a light to Jun’s life who cheers him up and help him see things in another perspective.

Tune in for their lovely and full of laughter love story on Netflix, premiering this October 7 from its originak release date last August 26 at 10PM PST.

Join the optimistic Ra Ra in her inspiring journey every Wednesday and Thursday.

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