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Chinese Fantasy Dramas You Can Watch For Starters

Chinese dramas are also the go-to of Asian drama fans. If Korean dramas have the Sageuk or Historical drama genre, CDrama takes its pride on their Wuxia dramas.

Wuxia is the genre of Chinese fiction that focuses on the adventures of martial arts heroes. It is a favorite theme of Chinese media forms such as films, TV series, opera, manhua and video games. The genre later developed into a more fantasy centered one called Xianxia.

Xianxia is the genre of Chinese fantasy fiction that usually involves Chinese martial arts, Traditional Chinese medicines, Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese mythology in its plot. These Xianxia stories deal with a group of people called ‘cultivators’ who have special powers and ultimately aims to become immortals.

In the CDrama world, Wuxia / Xianxia dramas offer a new world for fans who enjoy the fantasy genre. This genre usually uses the tropes that fans always enjoy such as romance, comedy and friendship. The production quality of these types of dramas are also commendable. They come with all the glamorous costumes, set design and CGI effects. Also, with all the martial arts that actors do for their scenes, you can expect that they are really trained on being hanged on cables and wires attached on cranes.

To help you decide what series you can watch to start your journey with Chinese fantasy dramas, here is a list of CDrama Wuxia / Xianxia that you can try:

The Untamed

A drama based on the famous BL Xianxia novel Mo Da Zu Shi, this drama is big hit in Asia since its release in 2019. The drama is considered a great success with all the fans it gained after it aired. It is a story is about two ‘soulmate’ cultivators who teams up together to resolve the mysteries of their past and resolve the war between the sects of the cultivation world.

Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach

The story is mainly about the love story between immortal gods Bai Qian and Ye Hua who transcends multiple realms and lifetimes. Their romance starts after Bai Qian meets Ye Hua in the mortal realm while undergoing her immortal test.

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Ashes of Love

An epic on the love story between Chinese mythology deities. The story revolved around the daughter of the flower deity, Jinmi and her tragic fate in love with the son of the Heavenly King, the fire deity. A romantic tragedy then ensues when the two finally meets and start their immortal journey.

Legend of the White Snake

An adaptation of the classic folktale of the same title. The series tells the story of a human and an immortal white snake demon who went to the human world and took the form of a woman. Meeting each other, the human which is a talented doctor falls in love with the immortal without knowing her real identity.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Stuck in the world that she created, scriptwriter Chen Xiao Qian must survive her own plot. This is after she finds herself mysteriously transported inside the story in her script and became the side character third princess Chen Qian Qian who she wrote to die after the 3rd episode. Now, she must use her creativity to alter the story directly and hopefully return to her real life. But everything gets complicated after the main male protagonist, prince Han Shuo falls in love with her and vice versa.

The Handsome Siblings

The series tell the story of two twin brothers who was separated at birth in the hopes that they grow into enemies of each other as a plan of revenge to their father. They grew up as great martial artists who become friends with each other without actually knowing the truth of their real relationship. They then team up to protect the martial arts world from destruction.

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Dance of the Phoenix

A modern-day girl transports to the cultivation world and wakes up in the body of genius cultivator Feng Wu after she was terribly wounded in an ambush against her where she lost her cultivation powers and experience. To save her, Feng Wu’s master who resides in her magic ring then uses his power in exchange to him falling into a deep slumber. After adapting to her new world, Feng Wu retrieves her powers back to find out the truth about herself, save her master and go back to where she really belongs.

Oh! My Emperor

After falling from her bike on her way to the concert of her idol, Luo Fei Fei, a medical intern from the 21st century was mysteriously transported into to the nation of Huang Dao where everyone follows the leadership of the 12 Constellation owners. She then meets Bei Tang Yi, the emperor of Huang Dao and the owner of the constellation of Capricorn. She was then dragged in the middle of the political war in Huang Dao as well as the love triangle between the emperor and his uncle Bei Tang Mo Ran.

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain

Adapted from the manga “Spirit Blade Mountain”, the story follows the adventures of cultivation prodigy Wang Lu as he enters the Spirit Blade Sect. He then meets Wang Wu, a beautiful but very temperamental sage who becomes his master as he aims to succeed in his path to became the strongest cultivator in all lands.

The Life of the White Fox

Bai Xiao, an immortal fox demon from the Tang Dynasty ends up in the 21st century after his cultivation with the spirit pearl was ruined by the sudden appearance of Xia Kui. Bai Xiao then chases Xia Kui in order to retrieve the pearl but was then trapped in the modern world after the pearl recognized Xia Kui as its owner. Xia Kui begs Bai Xiao to let her live for a few more days so she can confess her feelings to her crush first. But the pearl’s presence apparently attracted evil creatures wanting to get its powers. So, Bai Xiao must now live with Xia Kui to protect her before retrieving the ownership of the pearl.

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Ever Night

Ning Que, a young boy who escaped from the massacre of a family by a general, was forced to fend for his self and survive the wilderness. He then finds a baby girl, which he named as Sang Sang and adopts her. He later joins the frontier military and becomes a part of Princess Li Yu’s entourage. Truths about his real identity then unfolds and he finally have to choose who he will protect and who he shall take revenge on.

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

In a world divided into different races, chaos suddenly ensues in the Yi tribe. They are a race of beings with the ability to fly and lives at the castle in the sky that they built. Regarded by the other races with respect as well as envy, they are not safe from suffering. In a ploy to start a war with the humans, a faction on the Yi tribe staged an attack on the castle where the human girl, Yi Fuling becomes the main suspect. But the king of Yi tribe, Feng Tianyi, believed in her innocence and protects her while he investigates about the truth.

Have you watched anything from this list? If not yet, then it’s never too late to start. Trust us when we say that this genre has its own charm that everyone can enjoy as break from the usual drama staples.

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