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Fun filled learning experience: Korean 101 with Richard Juan!

We all know that being locked up at our homes for quite some time now and unable to socialize make us a little bit bored and crazy. However, our resident oppa, Richard Juan, together with his supporters turned their boredom into something fun and full of learning!

Guess what is it? It is a Korean class with Teacher Sarah Mercado, who is also part of Annyeong Oppa Team!

A week ago, Richard Juan invited his first 15 fans to sign up and join him on studying the Korean language via zoom. It kicked in last June 18, 2020 and it is for free! The thing is, of course, who would not love to attend a class if you got an “oppa” classmate, right?

The class ran for two hours with the help of his team and a teacher to facilitate the session. The group learned the basics, such as letters and the rules in writing. Then, the class ended with an writing activity.

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Watch the video below to see how Richard learned the “Hangeul” in just 2 hours!

Special thanks to Teacher Sarah Mercado for trusting us with this article; thanks as well to Richard Juan and the JUANderers for this opportunity!

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