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Shen Yue, Jasper Liu, and PENTAGON’s Yan wrapped up filming for “Use My Talent”

Clean With Passion For Now Chinese remake starring Shen Yue, Jasper Liu, and PENTAGON’s Yan wrapped up filming on August 5.

Recently, the two stars, Shen Yue and Jasper Liu, were just spotted by fans filming Use My Talent.

In one of the photos, the two celebrities were seen holding hands with bright smiles on cam.

Meanwhile, the mentioned drama is the remake of Clean with Passion for Now which also has South Korean version.

This piece tells the story of Gil Oh Sol, a cheerful woman who doesn’t care about dirtiness; she’s working at the company of Jang Sun Kyul, who unfortunately was diagnosed with mysophobia (pathological fear of germs).

As they met each other, Gil Oh Sol became a help to Jang Sun Kyul to face his mysophobia.

As of writing, no other details have been released about the drama.

See photos below in a tweet of A Fangirl’s Heart.

Check out official photos of the cast members here.

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