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Top 10 K-dramas of 2020 for Filipino fans so far

Year of 2020 is seriously a difficult year for various individuals but Filipino Korean drama fans find a good escape from all these. The K-dramas produced by South Korea act as entertaining and happy pill to many.

There are various completed dramas that inspired the fans. As there are also ongoing dramas that teach life and love lessons to them. One can pick anything from these but whatever drama that will be chosen, there is no doubt that it will give the viewer a good time while learning a lot of knowledge.

In fact, many fans say that 2020 has a good match to 2016 when it comes to best K-dramas. Remember, 2016 serves as one of the best years when all series in different genre are really enjoyable and informative. Still, other years that passed also gave fans good K-dramas; it is just that, 2016 and 2020 set the bar so high.

With that, Annyeong Oppa team together with Annyeong Oppa Group members join forced to came up with top 10 K-dramas of 2020 so far. It may be still too early to create this but there are already great pieces to watch that other people should not miss!

Below is the list of top 10 K-dramas this 2020 based on the recently conducted survey where over 8,000 Filipino fans participated in. Wherein, the survey only run for 14 hours.

10. Memorist

Photo from tvN
  • It aired on tvN and available on Viu;
  • March 11 to April 30;
  • Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young; and
  • Actor Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the detective role having supernatural power; while Lee Se Young will portray a genius profiler.

“Memorist” po ang ganda sobra especially po kapag mystery/ crime ang pag-uusapan, mas sumakit ang ulo ko rito kaysa “TKEM” at “365 RTY.”

Ardin Yorfod

9. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Photo courtesy of Netflix
  • It aired on JTBC and available on Netflix;
  • May 20 to June 25;
  • Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sungjae, and Choi Won Young; and
  • It  follows the story of a 500-year-old woman named Weol Ju (Hwang Jung Eum) who runs a mysterious drinking establishment with a young part timer. Kang Bae (Yook Sungjae) will be in help for her as he possesses special power that makes people talk about their deepest wounds and worries when they touch him. However, Weol Ju needs to meet her quota which is to help 10,000 troubled souls. For her to fulfill it, she will coordinate with Kang Bae along with Gui (Choi Won-young), Wol Ju’s assistant, as they jump into people’s dreams and try to resolve their worries. In which, that makes it a healing fantasy counseling drama.

This is one of the best K-dramas of 2020 for me because this show is perfect for viewers to find peace, a perfect happy pill, while learning a lot of life and love lessons. I really love the added twists although this only lasted for 12 episodes. Lastly, the main leads are really great in what they are doing especially Yook Sungjae. I just love him so much!

Chriselle Olaguera

8. Hi Bye, Mama!

Photo from tvN
  • It aired on tvN and available on Netflix;
  • February 22 to April 19;
  • Starring Kim Tae Hee; and
  • Tells the story of a ghost who has been reincarnated for a 49-day project.

It’s so underrated. People should know that this show is a masterpiece.

Adrian Quitalig

7. Hospital Playlist

Photo from tvN
  • It aired on tvN and available on Netflix;
  • March 12 to May 28;
  • Starring Cho Jung Seok; and
  • Follows the story of five friends who are all doctors, being together since they entered medical school.

“Hospital Playlist” is also one of the dramas I particularly like because I admire the friendship of the five and it talks about the lives of doctors. It gives me the “Prison Playbook” and “Reply Series” vibes.

Ellisha Montefalco

6. The World of the Married

  • It aired on JTBC and available on Viu;
  • March 27 to May 16;
  • Kim Hee Ae;
  • It follows the story of Dr. Ji Sun Woo who finds out that her husband is having an affair, and discovers that all of their friends know about his betrayal all this time.

“The World of A Married Couple!” Legit ‘yong gigil.

Anthonie Lopez Dacillo

5. Backstreet Rookie

Photo from SBS
  • It airs on SBS and available on iQIYI;
  • Premiered last June 19 (ongoing as of July 17);
  • Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung; and
  • It tells the story of a convenience store manager played by Ji Chang Wook and his part-time employee portrayed by Kim Yoo Jung.

Backstreet Rookie pa rin; from ep. 1-8 kahit isang segundo, hindi ako na-boring. Nangawit nga lang ang panga ko kasi kada episode, tawa ako nang tawa at siyempre hindi na natatanggal ‘yong ngiti ko.

Rosalina Gozum

“Backstreet Rookie,” nag-iisang ongoing drama na pinapanood ko. Very fun-filled drama, my stress reliever. Ang lakas din ng chemistry ng main leads.

Miyuki Inoue

4. Romantic Dr. Kim 2

Photo from SBS
  • It aired on SBS and available on Viu;
  • January 6 to February 25;
  • Starring Han Suk Kyu, Lee Sung Kyung, and Ahn Hyo Seop;
  • It is a story which revolves around the lives of medical professionals.

[I voted for] “Doctor Romantic 2” kasi mas intense ‘yong medical procedures and ‘yong trust at teamwork nila. Even though hndi gan’on kalalim ‘yong romance part, superb pa rin ‘yong flow ng story.

Freddie F Lilan Jr.

3. The King: Eternal Monarch

Photo from SBS
  • It aired on SBS and available on Netflix;
  • Written by Kim Eun Suk;
  • April 17 to June 12;
  • Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun; and
  • It is a fantasy romance between two people living in two parallel worlds.

“TKEM,” pang-international ang level.

Sam Arevallo

2. Itaewon Class

Photo from JTBC
  • It aired on JTBC and available on Netflix;
  • January 31 to March 21;
  • Starring Park Seo Jun and Kim Da Mi; and
  • Tells the story of Park Saeroyi fighting his way towards his dream.

[I voted for] “Itaewon Class” kasi [it is] about success and teamwork, with romance and business mindset.

Freddie F Lilan Jr.

1. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Photo courtesy of Netflix
  • It airs on tvN and also available on Netflix;
  • Premiered last June 20 (ongoing as of July 17);
  • Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji; and
  • Shares the story of a man who is working in a psychiatric ward; then, a woman who is a well-known writer of children’s book but she has an antisocial personality disorder.

I really like “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” since it has a really good storyline where it focuses on the mental health of people. This drama makes us aware [of that matter].

Ellisha Montefalco

Siyempre doon tayo sa Daesang King Kim Soo Hyun, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.”

Mary Gubala

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  1. Agree on Its Ok Not To Be Ok to be on top of this list.100% 👍👍👍👍 Memorist and Romantic Doctor too..

  2. I agree especially Memorist just wow! The circle of events that happen in every episode will blow your mind. Each scene is important to understand the whole story. When you think you know already who is the killer but no hahahaha. They’ll keep your mind run from one scenerio to the other, I mean that’s how it should be for a crime-mystery drama right? The puzzle is solved one by one as we go from one scene to another.

  3. The BEST drama is TKEM! It has all the best for the mind, eyes and heart – plot, actor’s performance, images, camera work. Every moment is beautiful and unforgettable! So, MUST BE # 1

  4. The best drama for me is IOTNBO. Best leads, chemistry, storyline, cinematography and everything. It raised the bar of kdramas. Completely new concept, mature and realistic and certainly not a typical cliche cringy romantic kdrama which is only of chemistry of leads. It is more than their chemistry and amazing

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