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CONFIRMED: “Crash Landing On You” star Hyunbin is the newest BENCH Global Ambassador

Finally, this is it, BENCH officially announced that the Crash Landing On You star Hyun Bin is joining them!

It was confirmed on July 4 that the actor is the newest BENCH Global Ambassador.

Ben Chan first shared the teaser last May 27 that shaken and surprised the Korean drama land in the Philippines

With the camouflage background, words written in pink saying “Your Crash, Landing Soon,” and the term “landing soon,” gave hints to fans that it is none other than, Captain Ri.

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Through the official announcement released today, various good comments and excited fans are all over different social media platforms.

Then, the most asked question from fans is, “Will he visit soon Philippines for a fan meet as soon as it is already safe from the virus?”

Congratulations to one of our favorite Korean actors for being part of BENCH.

Stay tuned for further details, bes!

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