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38 Times Leeteuk Proved That He is Super Junior’s One and Only Leader

It’s the 1st of July again!

A famous legend once said that during the 1st of July of the year 1983, it was raining hard. It was because during that day, the Heavens was sad that they had to send down one of its angels.

We know that you might be laughing but this story is true in ~some~ parts of it. Maybe only the part where an angel-like person named Park Jungsoo a.k.a. Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior was born.

To celebrate the birthday Super Junior‘s iconic leader, here are 38 times when he proved that him being Super Junior‘s leader can never be less than perfect.

1. When he told the story about his ‘origin’

2. When he believed that “thinking outside the box” is also applicable to sports

3. When he tucked each member to sleep at night

4. When he ‘kidnapped’ Shindong straight from his military discharge and took him on a trip to China

5. When he is fond of feeding his ‘kids’

6. When he helped Sungmin in his martial arts demonstration and kinda regretted it after

7. When he cheered so hard so Ryeowook can climb down the tree

8. When he denied being a Super Junior member so he would be saved from buying coffee for a bet

9. When he threatened to hit whoever that will say bad things about Heechul

10. When he told the story about Donghae’s father entrusting his son to him

11. When he had nothing but ten thousand won but Donghae and Eunhyuk was hungry

12. When in the past he would always compensate Heechul’s rude image with his politeness

13. When he cried so hard during Heechul’s last stage before his enlistment

14. When he would call Heechul whenever he pretends to sleep so their Hoobaes can greet him properly

15. When Donghae cried so hard when Leeteuk enlisted

16. When he and Donghae got in a fist fight

17. When even under anesthesia he still cares about his work as a celebrity

18. When he took the MBTI test and saw that he really is a natural born leader

19. When his fans is just as crazy as he is

20. When he can also be as moody as Heechul

21. When he revealed himself as SuJu’s hidden rapper

22. When he always remember his brothers wherever he go

23. When he stole from Yunho’s water bottle coin bank so he could buy food for his members

24. When he acted to ‘punish’ Kangin so other members can learn their lessons but Yesung ruined their plan

25. When he always finds time to support his members whenever they have a comeback

26. When he is ready to be teased for fun

27. When he always do whatever it takes for his team members

28. When he appeared on a nightime news and brought Super Junior’s name with him

29. When he started playing PUBG with ELFs

30. When he told the medic to attend to Kyuhyun first when they got into a car accident back in 2007 despite also bleeding hard

31. When he always bows politely to the audience and fans

32. When Eunhyuk shared how he was very well taken care of by Leeteuk during their trainee years

33. When he always tell how hard it is to be a leader of a large group but does it perfectly anyway

34. When SM finally agreed with us

35. When he revealed his worries as a leader

36. When he revealed how he was chosen as Super Juniors leader

37. When he called all 13 members of Super Junior while crying during a Super Show

38. When even a professional can’t deny the fact that Leeteuk is the secret why Super Junior is strong as a group even after 15 years

There, those are just some random moments that can give you an idea of how great Leeteuk is as Super Junior’s leader is.

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To Super Junior’s forever leader, Happy Birthday!

Disclaimer: all the videos embedded on this list do not belong to us and all credits should all go to their respective creators.

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