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Filo Kpop Fans! Apparently your Pulp souvenir cards have some sorcery in it!

PH Kpop fans! Some fans recently discovered a hidden magic in the Pulp souvenir cards for their Kpop concert.

Apparently, there are hidden treasures in each cards!

Try it and be amazed!

You just need the help of one app.

First, just download the Ivive app

Don’t worry, it’s safe. You just have to download straight from google because it’s not yet available on google play.

Install. Point your camera at the card and BE AMAZED.

Make sure that the full image on the card can be seen

Here are some evidences if you still feel skeptic:


The secret behind this are the photos used on the cards. Fans can register photos for the app (used in concert posters and even album covers) then let the Ivive app do its thing and show the users the corresponding AR videos for each photo. Basically, the AR will work on the same photo and not just on the Pulp cards.

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It’s just fascinating how it gives the souvenir cards a new purpose.

Credits to the first one who discovered this. Bless your soul.

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