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Shen Yue, Jasper Liu, and PENTAGON’s Yan An confirm to star in Chinese adaptation of “Clean with Passion for Now”

Our favorite Chinese actress Shen Yue together with Jasper Liu and PENTAGON’s Yan An are working on a new project!

According to the official Weibo account of the Chinese drama on May 30, the actors are already filming and the drama will soon premiere.

It will be a Chinese version of the South Korean adaptation of the webtoon Clean with Passion for Now.

This piece tells the story of Gil Oh Sol, a cheerful woman who doesn’t care about dirtiness; she’s working at the company of Jang Sun Kyul, who unfortunately was diagnosed with mysophobia (pathological fear of germs).

As they met each other, Gil Oh Sol became a help to Jang Sun Kyul to face his mysophobia.

Wherein, the Korean version was starred by Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Yoon Jung, and Song Jae Rim; released last 2018.

Meanwhile, the Chinese drama’s account also shared some official photos with the cast members.

See below.

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Additionally, the main leads also shared preview photos on their own official Weibo account.

While Jasper Liu dropped a photo with Shen Yue on his Instagram account, sharing his excitement with the drama.

Stay tuned for more confirmed details!

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  1. I love this drama a lot! I even assigned my students to watch it and write an analysis. It contains more than visuals. The morals embedded in the story is something to reflect on in our times of crisis. One thing I picked up is that no matter how dirty people see us on the outside, as long as we are clean within, we have solid confidence!!♡♡♡ I look forward to the Chinese version.💟💕💕💕💟💟💟

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