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WATCH: Twice finally returns to Running Man!

Almost two years since their last visit, Twice finally returns to Running Man!

In their upcoming appearance, we will see the unexpected charms of Twice. From unhesitating name tag ripping to slapstick comedy, they will surely keep us entertained.

This week’s race is “Together with Twice: The Team Leader of Running Man”. Watch the preview below:

In this race, members will fight to become the leader. For the power of the leader, everyone will fight without reservation. Since anyone who becomes the leader can lead the team as much as they want.

With Twice members joining the race, will the icon of betrayal, Lee Kwang Soo, be surpassed by them?

Running Man’s episode with Twice will air on Sunday, June 7 at 5 PM KST.

Are you excited for this?

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