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‘Begin Again Korea’ goes busking in Incheon International Airport

JTBC’s flagship music healing program “Begin Again Korea,” reveals the first meeting and busking of its members. The group consists of Lee So Ra, Henry, Suhyun, Hareem, Jukjae, Crush, and Jung Seung Hwan.

(L-R) Jukjae, Lee So Ra, Henry

Lee So Ra joins the group three years after “Begin Again” Season 1. After hearing the news, vitamin siblings Henry and Suhyun said, “They are like unicorns in the music industry. I’ve never seen him in real life,” they said with a smile.

(L-R) Jung Seung Hwan, Suhyun, Crush, Hareem

Prior to Begin Again Korea’s pilot episode, the show has also launched a Youtube channel to upload performances from the show. Clips from earlier seasons have also been uploaded if you missed watching them.

Incheon International Airport

The first busking venue for the members is Incheon International Airport, the gateway to Korea. They busk for the hidden heroes of Incheon International Airport. These frontliners work hard to prevent the spread of the virus, even though visitors have been cut off due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Upon arriving at the airport, the members show embarrassment at the unfamiliar appearance of Incheon International Airport. “It’s my first time seeing an empty airport, it feels like everything has stopped.”

The busking was opened by newly joined member Crush. Crush, who had been a fan of Hareem for a long time, was excited to perform a duet with Harim, the original singer.

Also, Korea’s best emotional vocals, Lee So Ra and Jung Seung Hwan work together for the first time. They sing “Falling Slowly,” the OST from the movie Once, for the staff at Incheon International Airport who came to see the event.

Begin Again 4: Korea

JTBC’s “Begin Again Korea” will go on a “street busking music trip” to various places in Korea instead of unfamiliar cities abroad. The show aims to comfort the Korean people who are having a hard time, with music.

“Begin Again Korea,” which will provide healing through music, will premiere at 11 PM KST on Saturday, June 6.

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