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9 Korean dramas that you can finally watch on Netflix this June!

Another month is coming and more surprises are in-store for Korean drama fans! Are you excited to know what is it? Netflix is dropping K-dramas on their application this June!

You can finally watch new and previous K-dramas on the said streaming app. From various genre, plots, and actors, you will surely love to see each of these.

Whether you are a new K-drama fan or not, it is so good to watch or re-watch these, right? Below is the list that can definitely help you relieve your stress, bes!

1. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – June 20

The upcoming fantasy romance drama will tell the story of a man who is working in a psychiatric ward; then, a woman who is a well-known writer of children’s book but she has an antisocial personality disorder.

2. My Mister – June 10

Plot and photo from Netflix

In a world that is less than kind, a young woman and middle-aged man develop a sense of kinship as they find warmth and comfort in one another.

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3. Revolutionary Love – June 1

Photo from tvN, plot from Netflix

A third-generation chaebol falls in love with a woman who opens his eyes to the struggles of the working class and inspires him to make a difference.

4. My Shy Boss – June 1

The isolated life of an extreme introvert is thrown out of order when his company hires new employee: a cheery extrovert who’s not all she seems.

5. The Tale of Nokdu – June 15

Photo from KBS

It is about a man who disguises as a woman to enter a mysterious women-only village; and a young woman who does not want to become a gisaeng. The story is based on the webtoon of the same name.

6. Angel’s Last Mission: Love – June 15

Its story tells about an optimistic and cheerful angel named Dan who has a last mission before he heads to the eternal life in Heaven. This mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo; a ballerina who lives in sorrow that makes her not to believe in love.

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7. My Fellow Citizens – June 15

Plot from Korea portal and Annyeong Oppa, photo from KBS

It revolves around the life of Yang Jung Kook (Siwon), a con man who comes from a family whose business is to commit fraud. He tries to earn money so he can marry his policewoman girlfriend. In doing so, he then approaches a loan shark to scam but ends up being scammed instead.

8. Love Horribly – June 15

Photo from KBS

This tells the story of two people with seemingly share fate. Yet, one of them (Park Si Hoo) has all the good luck while the other one (Song Ji Hyo) has all the misfortunes.

9. Doctor Prisoner – June 15

It is a drama about a skilled doctor in a university hospital who gets involved and wrongfully accused of a medical malpractice incident that leads him to quit his job.

Moreover, he starts working as a doctor in a prison’s medical facility with the goal of acquiring personal connections with all the high-profile inmates so he can take revenge against the hospital that kicked him out.

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Source: Netflix and GMA News

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