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Sky Castle: 30 Lines to ponder on (family, life, justice, school, friends, and self reflection related)

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Sky Castle is one of the best family Korean drama that ever existed in television. It is not even surprising to some people who have seen it already upon knowing its achievement; it is the second highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Who would not get swayed by this K-drama when the cast members are so great in acting? Add up the fact that the writer used various societal issues that many people can relate to. Moreover, it also has twists that you should anticipate for in a lot of episodes.

Although, it is a 20-episode drama, you can also notice its well blended genre, plot, climax, and ending. Things are not forced to give the audience a great finale as well.

Whether you have watched Sky Castle already or still not yet, you will surely love and relate to its lines. Definitely, one of these lines will reach your heart, touch you, and/or help you pounder on in life; likely to how the K-drama itself amazes many people and make them realize a lot of things in life.

Saying all that, below are Sky Castle’s 30 lines to pounder on in different categories.


“That family’s misfortune was caused by their own actions.” – Coach Kim

“Don’t you think it’s too much to make teens read a book that even adults find difficult? What’s more serious is that this isn’t a discussion. It feels more like a lecture where you force your ideas.” – Lee Soo Im

“Don’t ever pressure Seo Jun and Gi Jun [our sons] again. They’re not tools that can fix your inferiority complex. They’re not also the sandbags you can use to vent out your anger.” – No Seung Hye

“You can’t just sit back and do nothing when your kids are being tormented. You have to protect your kids. You’re their mom.” – Lee Soo Im

“I graduated with doctor’s degree; I thought that I should focus on raising my children even if I had to give up on my dreams.” – No Seung Hye

“You weren’t satisfied with just the person I was. It’s not like I wanted to lie to you. Do you think I wanted to fool you? Your voice instantly changes whenever I’m telling you that I got a B (grade). You made me think that I have to get good grades to be considered your child.” – Cha Seri (talking to his dad)

“Does financially raising your children make you a parent?” – Cha Seri

“Expectations ruin your children.” – Lee Soo Im

“You can resent me and blame me for what happened but I hope that you will not suffer on your own. I’ll always be by your side.” – Dr. Hwang (talking to Uju)

“I want you to respect the kids and treat them exactly as how you’d like to be treated.” – No Seung Hye

Life and justice

“What you see isn’t always the whole truth.” – No Seung Hye

“It’s your life. Why would I judge or comment on your life?” – Lee Soo Im

“If someone’s uneducated and poor, do they need to be called lowlife?” – Yeong Jae

“Be strong. The day will come when you can smile about the past.” – No Seung Hye

“You can not cover the sky with the palm of your hand. The truth will come out one day.” – Jin Jin Hee

“Think simply. The right answer is always simple. Those who are sick should be treated, and no one should be victimized.” – Park Soo Chang

“Cut the rotten parts now. You must do it now when you still can.” – Park Soo Chang

School and friends

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“Would you be happy if someone called you stupid? You should try to be more considerate of your friends.” – Han Seo Jin

“Isn’t a discussion about sharing one’s views freely?” – Kang Ye Bin

“The competition to get into college ends up killing so many kids every year. But our society is not changing at all and that made me feel sad and miserable.” – Lee Soo Im

“We can’t compete in good faith if we’re considering our friends as enemies.” – Cha Gi Jun

“I don’t agree with your dad; you did the right thing. Because you should only compete with yourselves. Competing with others makes you only lonely. I believe true success is living a life that is not lonely.” – No Seung Hye

“A university hospital is a place for treatment, research, and education. However, some doctors prioritize their track record over research and education.” – Dr. Hwang

“Before, I just sat and studied without thinking about anything else. I thought, life would work out if I just did well in school. Who I really am, and how I should live; I realized all these.” – Uju

Self reflection

“…the big problem is your incessant lying. You lie even without batting an eye. Do you know how scary that is?” – Madame Yoon

“When will you stop caring only about how you appear to others? When will you stop obsessing about others think about you?” – Dr. Kang

“Stop being greedy.” – Dr. Kang

“They say that broken things can be repaired but people can not.” – No Seung Hye

“We only get one shot in life. I can not let myself spun around like a laundry in a washing machine.” – Uju

If you happen to like watching it now or gets curious by what it will serve you; please, expect character development of some of “Sky Castle’s” character. You will surely learn a lot from them especially when they finally revealed their past! As the saying goes, “Do not judge the book by its cover.”

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There might be a bad person you know in life who can still turned out to be the kindest individual you might have ever encountered. Remember, it is always not too late to change, ask for forgiveness, repent, and be genuinely happy in life.

Know your goal, have deep and good reasons for your action, be understanding, show respect, give love, and never forget to enjoy.

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