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Get to know the 6 South Korean artists who are expected to enlist this May

The first week of May has already started and many Hallyu fans are surely preparing to greet their idols on their birthdays. Aside from that, May is also a special month for other celebrities and idols who are expected to be discharged few days from now. However, it cannot be denied that the military service of various artists is fast approaching as well.

As dictated by the law, male Koreans (before turning 30) are required to join the South Korean military. They need to serve in the army for about 21 months including the artists.

Below is the list of four South Korean artists who are expected to enlist within this month of May.

1. Yook Sungjae – May 11

Photo from yook_can_do_it
  • Sungjae is a member of South Korean boy group BTOB who is not just well-known for being a great idol but also for being an impressive actor. He starred in different K-dramas, such as in Reply 1994, Plus Nine Boys, Who Are You: School 2015, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, and Goblin. In 2020, he will also be part of a new JTBC drama titled Mystic Pop-up Bar. He has also been part of various variety shows and has won a lot of awards already. Many people admire him because of his deep love for people, genuine smiles, good attitude, passion for what he is doing, and many more. He already visited Manila aside from their group concert here.
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2. Im Hyunsik – May 11

Photo from imhyunsik
  • Hyunsik is also a member of South Korean boy group BTOB. He is popular for being a great singer-songwriter, composer, and a talented person. Likely to Sungjae, he also took part and made special appearance in different K-dramas. For instance, I Live in Cheongdamdong, The Heirs, Monstar, When a Man Falls in Love, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, and Dae Jang Geum is Watching. He also appeared in variety shows and experienced being a narrator in Listening to the Book. Recently, he visited Manila for a solo fan meeting.

3. Jo Jinho – May 11

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  • Jinho is a well-known singer, lyricist, dancer, composer, and member of the South Korean boy group Pentagon. He had a cameo in Hello, My Twenties Season 2, and joined in different variety shows and theater plays. His group already visited the Philippines and the first one was their participation in TV5’s New Year Countdown at Quezon City Memorial Circle. The idol’s charisma, talented side, and good attitude really melt the hearts of many fans.
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4. Yang Se Jong – May 12

Photo from Good People
  • Yang Se Jong is greatly known for being a versatile actor and the boy next door type. He starred in various K-dramas with different genre from each other. For example, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 1 and 2, Saimdang: Memoir of Colors, Duel, Temperature of Love, Still 17, and My Country: The New Age. He also won awards after starring in Temperature of Love and Still 17.

5. Suho – May 14

Photo from Singles
  • Suho is the leader of the South Korean group EXO. His real name is Kim Jun Myeon who seriously got it all; the singing skills, dance skills, acting skills, good attitude, great role model, and the jaw-dropping looks. Yet, there are still more lovely and funny facts about him which we will surely adore. He is a patient and adorable leader, gets along with others, great actor, has angelic voice, generous, polite, and so on. Recently, his web series How Are You Bread just aired its last episode. Together with his group, they visited Manila last year as part of EXplOration.
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6. U-Kwon – May 18

Photo from @bontheblock
  • Kim Yukwon, also known as U-Kwon as his stage name, is a vocalist and dancer of South Korean boy group Block B. He is part of the group’s sub units, such as Bastarz and T2u. Did you know that he took part in some K-dramas? For instance, Jumping Girl and Radio Romance. Additionally, he also joined in various variety shows, musical plays, and film. Meanwhile, the said group already visited Manila and created memories with their Filipino fans.

Serve well, oppadeul! Many fans will surely miss you all. We wish all of you a good health!

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