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“The World of the Married” ended by breaking own record again as highest-rated drama in Cable TV


The World of The Married officially ended last night, May 16, and achieved new viewership ratings record again.

Based on Nielsen Korea, the finale’s average rating reached to 28.37% nationwide, breaking its own record as highest-rated drama in Cable television history.

Recently, it achieved new high rating with its 15th episode on May 15 after surpassing Sky Castle with 24.3% nationwide average rating.

According to Nielsen Korea, the rating of the 15th episode of the JTBC drama roared to 24.442% nationwide.

Meanwhile, the drama is expected to showcase two special behind the scene episodes on May 22 to 23.

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The World of the Married officially surpassed Sky Castle on May 2 as highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Based on Nielsen Korea, the newly released 12th episode of the JTBC drama gained nationwide average viewership rating of 24.3%; while it roared to 26.7% in Seoul, South Korea.

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Accordingly, it officially dominated the record of Sky Castle’s last episode with 23.7%.

Meanwhile, the mentioned drama is already behind the show of TV Chosun (not drama) titled Mr. Trot with 35.7% rating.

There are still few more episodes left to The World of the Married and fans are excited to see it.

Congratulations to the cast members, production team, and all staff of The World of the Married!

Watch the latest teaser below.

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