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10 Reasons why “3 Idiots” has a great impact to audience

Written by: Chriselle and Cyril

While on enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), my sister and I were wondering what is a good piece to watch. Wherein, it is not just entertaining but it can also teach us a lot about life. Suddenly, I thought of an Indian movie titled 3 Idiots. Many people around are recommending it because they say that it is really a good catch that one should not miss out on.

It is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language film starring Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Kareena Kapoor Khan. They won a lot of awards after it was released in December 2009.

3 Idiots tells the story of three Engineering college friends who have their fair share of struggles in life. Two of them got the chance to look for their missing friend, Rancho, because of a promise kept by one of their classmates back in tertiary.

I must say that I am deeply grateful to those who suggested it to me and online. Seriously, I really enjoyed watching it with my sister on a weekend morning.

So, we came up to writing this recommendation article together. We want to share to many why 3 Idiots is one of the most impactful movies to audience. Below are the 10 reasons why!

1. All is well

The characters in this movie taught us well that encouraging ourselves amidst being in fear is a good choice. However, it does not mean that everything will be fine as soon as possible. Rancho called it “a trick to a mind.”

He said, “Humans tend to get scared very easily. You need to trick your mind. No matter what the problem, always tell yourself that all is well.” As he stated that through it, we get the courage to face the problem.

“All is well” really made us smile and we hope to use it as motivation in life. It might be only written in three words but the inspiration it holds is great.

2. Real meaning of education

Throughout the movie, Rancho taught us that education is not supposed to create machines who memorize lessons without understanding it. He said, “It is important that one must understand the meaning as well. What is the point of blindly cramming a bookish definition?”

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Aside from that, this film also tackles mental health awareness. Many students are so pressured to the point that they do not enjoy the process at all. There are those who simply follow what they are told to do so; when they fail, they really get in so much pain. Rancho once mentioned, “Study to be accomplished and not affluent.”

How great would it be if the students can enjoy what they are doing? When they can feel the excitement and fun while working on the things they are supposed to finish? Without the pressure and hindrances stopping them.

3. Encouragement to follow your heart

Rancho is a type of a man who always try to encourage others. It flatters my heart hearing him say to his friends to follow their heart and follow their talent. He even said that if there is fear for the future, how would a person enjoy the present?

There are people who badly wanted to take another program in college but they could not. There are also those individuals who want another profession but it remains untold.

Rancho taught us to pursue what our hearts want and what our skill is for. Through this, even if the process will be tough, we can still find joy in the middle. Talk about it with your parents if you can and try to show perseverance. Still, be respectful while telling them about your true feelings.

Remember what Farhan convinced his parents with? That it may give him small amount of money but it will make him genuinely happy while he helps them.

4. To be kind to everyone

No matter how close we are to someone or no matter how much we know in a certain field, we will never know about someone’s struggles, so be kind. It is only one word and one thing to do but can already help someone a lot.

Being kind, sympathetic, and understanding are three things we should not forget in life. The things and even money that we might lose or spend for something else can be replaced. However, a life cannot be replaced by anything. Why not be a source of inspiration and motivation of someone? Remember, life is not solely about gaining but giving.

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5. Definition of true success

“Follow excellence and success will chase you,” Rancho shared.

It may not have been said in words in the movie but it taught us that chasing success is not how our lives supposed to be. Instead, we need to follow excellence, do what makes us happy, and never waste opportunity to apply what we learn in life. Then, success will simply follow us. So, live a life that is worthy, in joy, and has a purpose or meaning. Success is not about what you visibly hold on your hands.

One of the characters even mentioned that we should not ask Him for favors; be thankful. Maybe, maybe, we are missing something in life.

6. Entertaining and meaningful musical theme

The entertaining and meaningful musical theme caught my sister’s attention. She said that it is really effective for the viewers to enjoy the movie while learning something out of it.

We must say that the cast members really did great in showing their effort to help us relax and give us a good piece. Additionally, the production team and all the staff are so creative to come up with something like this.

7. Great plot twists

The plot twists of 3 Idiots are what you should also anticipate for (especially the last one). As viewers, my sister and I really think that it helps in delivering the messages and lessons to viewers. At the end, it will surely help you reflect in life. What is life for? Why am I doing this and that? Is there a purpose lying on my actions? Am I influencing others enough? And so on.

Reminder, it is not just one plot twist to wait for but there are so many in this film! You will surely enjoy watching it, forgetting that it is approximately 3-hour movie.

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8. Effective acting skills

I watched Aamir Khan before in the movie PK. It was our professor’s requirement to view this film and write a reflection paper. In my life as a student so far, this is one of the most memorable activities I had. Aamir Khan is really a great actor who portrays his character so well and can influence the viewers so much. From then up to this second movie of him that I have watched, I really adore and admire him with the passion, effort, and skills he is showing and giving.

Moreover, the other three main leads including the supporting actors and actresses are really talented and good in acting. Their acting skills are so effective to the point that they can make a viewer laugh, cry, feel motivated, reflect in life, and so on. What they have shown and given are more than enough, so that the life lessons of this film will reach the audience’s heart.

9. Good cinematography which highlights the whole essence of the movie

The cinematography is one of the best things about 3 idiots which my sister really like. We noticed the capability and talent of those behind it for coming up with various effective camera angle to depict emotion and more.

We may not be really knowledgeable about it but we really appreciate the cinematography which is not just pleasing but also holds meaning. See for yourself and we hope you will enjoy and love it too!

10. A good film to watch with family and friends

If you are also looking for something to watch, we highly recommend 3 Idiots. It is not just a movie which you can enjoy watching with your friends but with your family as well. It is available in Netflix and other sites, why not give it a try?

The admiring friendship of the lead characters, the importance of family and understanding each other members’ feelings and decisions, dedication in studying, and others. These will surely hook your heart up.

(Featured photo from IMDb via Reliance Big Pictures and Vidhu Vinod Chopra.)

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