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K-movie recommendation: “My Bossy Girl” starring Ji Il Joo and Lee Elijah

If you want to be inspired, relax after a long day, and laugh so hard while watching a refreshing Korean movie; then, My Bossy Girl is for you!

This movie tells the story of a talented and kind engineering student, Hwi So, played by Ji Il Joo. He loves robot and really good in mechanical; however, he lacks social skills and has never been in a relationship.

One day, he will meet Hye Jin, played by Lee Elijah, after she crushed with her wheelchair onto their bike repair booth. She is short-tempered but really good in archery.

My Thoughts

I didn’t know the plot of My Bossy Girl when I decided to watch it with my sister. What I only know is the two main leads are Ji Il Joo and Lee Elijah.

Watching this gave me a relaxing moment after getting so tired working on my school papers. The opening scene is really good and will surely make the viewers smile in an instant. What captured my eyes that much is the strong appeal and bravery of Hye Jin, the girl character. When she fought for the teddy bear after winning an archery game in their university booth, I am amazed with the power which she holds.

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This kind of scene may look so simple to others but for me, it is another way of saying that whether you are disabled or not, you can still fight for what you should have. On the same note, this scene also tells us not to degrade anyone.

The following scenes included other supporting characters, such as Heo Jong Min, Lee Jin Yi, Gi Du Kim, and Jeong Ye Jin. Wherein, they were simply introduced with their different strength and wit.

I laughed so hard with them and was able to release my stress. The good thing is, this movie is really great to watch with someone important to you. Likely to my situation, I watched it with my sister and we had a good time together.

Expect that…

The plot, story flow, cinematography, and the message itself complimented each other. I must say that the leads, Ji Il Joo and Lee Elijah, really did great in portraying their characters. The supporting actors and actresses even those who had their special appearance are also incredible.

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However, what you should anticipate about this movie as well is its twist. Although it is not that much compared to other pieces, it will still surely have a great impact on you as a person.

What’s more?

There is something good in this movie that got me hooked— the lessons. It will teach you that all people, even those who are physically disabled and mentally ill, deserve respect and to be happy in life. Being physically and mentally stable does not give anyone the authority to act rude, have poor judgment, and bully others.

Additionally, it also made me realize that the support which other people need is not money nor sympathy. Yes, being sympathetic is good but showing those people around you especially the struggling ones that you are there beside them; ready to listen without judgment when they are finally ready to say what is on their mind; and simply protecting them even behind their back are so wonderful.

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Moreover, this movie also taught me that asking help is not a symbol of being weak. You can ask help from your family, friends, or someone special; and be there by their sides as well. Furthermore, My Bossy Girl will tell you the importance of family’s love and support to children.

How beautiful would this world be if everyone will be more compassionate, kind, understanding, and careful with their words and actions?

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