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28 Underrated dramas in South Korea that you should watch now according to fans

Various Korean dramas weren't able to be recognized or seen by many fans despite it's good plot, life lessons, and great acting skills of the actors and actresses. These fall to what they call "underrated K-dramas." Even if these aren't as popular as the others, you will surely love what these dramas can offer to you. Do you want to watch more underrated K-dramas with different genre, lessons to teach, and societal issues to depict? Check out the article below now!

There are a lot of K-dramas that get high ratings and are always talk of the town. However, there are also those series which weren’t given enough attention and views compared to the famous ones. Despite the good story, amazing lessons, outstanding acting skill of the cast members, and twists, there are still those K-dramas that were missed by some fans. These are called the underrated K-dramas; they might not be so popular but these will surely satisfy you in any way and give you a good time.

As part of the feature article we released in Annyeong Oppa before, here’s another list of underrated K-dramas for all of you again! Aside from Prison Playbook, A Poem A Day, Chicago Typewriter, Circle, Queen for Seven Days, Hit the Top, My Shy Boss, My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week, The Package, and Age of Youth (Season 1 and Season 2), you’ll see more K-dramas below.

Note: The K-dramas included in our underrated list below are those which gained lower average television rating than the popular ones (while airing).

These underrated K-dramas are suggested by our Annyeong Oppa Group members. Big thanks to all who participated!

Ready your pen and notebook now, we’ll start it right away!

Top 15

1. Cinderella and the Four Knights

All photos from AsianWiki and (respective TV networks) except some posters
  • Running date: August to October 2016
  • Genre: Romantic comedy

Cinderella and the Four Knights tells the story of Eun Ha Won who has been through some rough patches in her life. With a father who disowned her and a cruel stepmother and sister left to live with, the odds seem to not always be in her favor. Despite her struggles, Ha won grew up to be a strong-willed, independent woman who got entangled into the lives of Kang Ji Woon, Kang Hyung Min, and Kang Seo Woo aka the Kang Cousins with their ever-reliable bodyguard Lee Yoon Sung.

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2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  • Airing date: August to November 2016
  • Genre: Historical, melodrama, romance, fantasy

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo tells the story of a woman from the 21st century who travelled back in the Goryeo era during a total eclipse. As the story goes, she will fall in love with a prince named Wang So.

3. Because This Is My First Life

  • Airing date: October to November 2017
  • Genre: Romantic comedy, marriage

Because This Is My First Life tells the story of a geeky computer engineer named Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki)  whose life revolves only on three things: his work, his pet cat and his 30-yr house mortgage. Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min), on the other hand, is a graduate of Seoul National University whose dream is to become a successful writer. While her credentials seemed to be enough to earn her a good-paying job after graduation, she only ended up working as an assistant to a more-known yet witless screenwriter. 

4. Go Back Couple

  • Airing date: October to November 2017
  • Genre: Marriage, school, youth

Go Back Couple tells the story of a married couple with a son who came up to the point that they always argue and start to hate each other. One day, they’ll wake up as 20-year-old student again.

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5. The Beauty Inside

  • Airing date: October to November 2018
  • Genre: Romantic

The Beauty Inside revolves around the life of a known troublemaker woman. Little do others know, she changes her appearance at some point because of a supernatural phenomenon.

6. It’s Okay, That’s Love

  • Airing date: July to September 2014
  • Genre: Romantic, melodrama

It’s Okay, That’s Love tells the story of a mystery writer and DJ who suffers from obsession.

7. Search: WWW

  • Airing date: June to July 2019
  • Genre: Romantic, melodrama

Search: WWW tells the story of three competitive and hard working women. They are stunning and brace in their different ways.

8. Something in the Rain

  • Airing date: March to May 2018
  • Genre: Romantic

Something in the Rain tells the story of a single woman working in a coffee company; and a single man who’s job is related to video games animation.

9. Uncontrollably Fond

  • Airing date: July to September 2016
  • Genre: Romantic, melodrama

Uncontrollably Fond is about two classmates who were separated during their teenage years because of an ill-fated relationship. However, they’ll meet each other again in adulthood.

10. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

  • Airing date: May to July 2019
  • Genre: Romantic comedy, fantasy

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is about an optimistic and cheerful angel named Dan who has a last mission before heading to the eternal life in Heaven. This mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo; a ballerina who lives in sorrow that makes her not to believe in love.

11. Tell Me What You Saw

  • Airing date: February to March 2020
  • Genre: Thriller
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Tell Me What You Saw is about a genius profiler who solved various cases because of his intelligence and skill. One day, his fiancé will be found dead done by a serial killer.

12. My Mister

  • Airing date: March to May 2018
  • Genre: Drama

My Mister follows the story of three middle-aged brothers who are going through a lot in their lives. Then, there’s a cold woman who’s in her 20s but definitely strong despite the hardships in her life.

13. Something About 1%

  • Airing date: October to November 2016
  • Genre: Romantic comedy

Something About 1% tells the story of a smart but arrogant heir of a wealthy family. One day, he will be forced to get a 10-month contract engagement with an elementary school teacher.

14. Come Back, Mister

  • Airing date: February to April 2016
  • Genre: Romantic, comedy, family

Come Back, Mister revolves around Kim Young Soo (Rain) who is reincarnated in Lee Hae Joon’s body; Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon So) who is reincarnated in Han Hong Nan’s body; and Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) who is Kim Young Soo’s wife.

15. She Was Pretty

  • Airing date: September to November 2015
  • Genre: Romantic comedy

Other recommended K-dramas

Wok of Love


Introverted Boss

Noble, My Love

Photo from MyDramaList via Naver TV

Hello, Monster

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes


Mad Dog

Lucky Romance

Live Up To Your Name

Discovery of Love

School 2013

Missing 9

Among these, which are the ones you’ve watched already? What K-drama from the list is your most favorite?

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