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25 Piano covers of different K-drama OSTs to calm and refresh you

Are you being surrounded by negativity or noise? Do you want to relax for a while after a tiring day? Do you want to start your day with a smile on your face? Here are the 25 piano covers of different K-drama OSTs to calm and refresh you!

Korean dramas will not be completed without its one of the greatest assets; it’s none other than, the official sound track (OST). Many Hallyu fans even await the official release of the OSTs of their favorite ongoing K-dramas. In fact, other fans even buy K-drama OST album especially when they fall in love with the songs completely.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with K-drama OST which compliments well the K-drama itself and its scenes? Add up the fact that the ones who sing it have a perfect voice for it!

As a K-drama fan and OST lover, have you ever listened to piano covers of your favorite music? Whether the answer is yes or no, we highly recommend to you to check out various piano covers of K-drama OSTs.

These can surely make you feel at ease somehow away from negativity. Piano cover can also calm and refresh you after a tiring day or before you even start a new day.

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Below is a list of K-drama OST’s piano cover including my personal suggestions and different recommendations from Annyeong Oppa Group members! Check it out and listen to each of these carefully.

1. Crash Landing On You OSTs

My personal suggestion and recommended by Gab & Joana Marie (Picture of My Heart)

2. It’s Okay That’s Love – Chen’s Best Luck

Recommended by Melody Averilla Villafuerte

3. Goblin – Chanyeol and Punch’s Stay With Me

Recommended by Daphnie Maquilas

4. Hotel Del Luna – Taeyeon’s All About You

Recommended by Kim Laurence

5. Hwayugi – Bumkey’s When I Saw You

Recommended by Ella Soo

6. Scarlet Heart Ryeo – EXO CBX’ For You

Recommended by Jasmine Macapagal

7. While You Were Sleeping – Henry’s It’s You

Recommended by Charlotte Navarro Advincula

8. Master’s Sun – Yoon Mi Rae’s Touch Love

Personal suggestion

9. Goblin – Crush’s Beautiful

Recommended by Irene Costillas

10. Mr. Sunshine’s OSTs

Personal suggestion

11. Itaewon Class OST

Personal suggestion

12. Jealousy Incarnate – SALTNPAPER’s Bye, Autumn

Personal suggestion

13. Descendants of the Sun – Davichi’s This Love

Recommended by Hannah Diane Plata

14. Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Chai’s You Are My Angel

Recommended by Hannah Diane Plata

15. Love Alarm – Klang’s Falling Again

Recommended by Alexandra Nicole Cabael

16. Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Fromm’s In Your Light

Recommended by Annalizabeth Awa

17. Chicago Typewriter – SALTNPAPER’s Satellite

Recommended by Jhon Paul Sambitan

18. Love In The Moonlight – Gummy’s Moonlight Drawn

Recommended by Lyka Llanos

19. Are You Human Too? – Lyn and Hanhae’s Love

Recommended by Ella Soo

20. Cinderella and Four Knights – Zia’s Only You

Personal suggestion

21. Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Lee Hi’s My Love

Recommended by Noreen Gines

22. Go Back Couple – Sohyang’s Wind Song

Recommended by Jannel Paday

23. Hotel Del Luna – Paul Kim’s So Long

Recommended by Jastine Marie GaƱon

24. You’re Beautiful – Park Shin Hye’s You’re Beautiful

Recommended by Yijen Pascual

25. Hwarang – V and Jin’s Even If I Die, It’s You

Personal suggestion

Among these 25 piano covers, which one did you like most? Any recommendation to add here? Share it with us on the comment section!

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I would like to send my gratitude to Annyeong Oppa Group members who helped me to accomplish this article.

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