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8 Reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on “Class of Lies” aka “Mr. Temporary”

I’ve heard of Class of Lies aka Mr. Temporary since it’s first episode aired in 2019. It proved to me that my expectations are wrong except that it is really a great piece to watch; you will not know who’s the suspect easily and his/her motives for doing the crime. Honestly, this is an outstanding K-drama that everyone shouldn’t sleep on.

I’ve been looking for something good to watch a week ago after seeing some great Korean and Japanese dramas and movies. However, some of the pieces I’ve watched aren’t meant for me— those were nice but I’m not entertained nor touched in any way. Maybe, I can’t relate, grasp the messages meant for the viewers, or feel the emotions of the characters. They’re nice but not for me.

Moreover, Class of Lies is somehow different from those I’ve seen before. Here are the seven reasons why you should watch it now!

1. Every episode will leave you in awe

Episode 1 will give you a smooth start for such mystery thriller K-drama. However, you’ll get few clues from the beginning on what kind of a lawyer Gi Mu Hyeok is and was.

Then, the following episodes will surely leave you in awe because each of these will seriously make you curious, give you goosebumps, and can bring excitement to you. There are several things that you can learn from this— from life lessons, to laws, justice, and more.

I like how Class of Lies made me think deeper and critically. Each episode will not end without something to give you— lessons, messages, clues, or even more things to be curious about.

The end of episode 11 and start of episode 12 are more thrilling. With all honesty, I only had few suspicions that were proved true but most of these were wrong. So, I learned to be more cautious with everything and take all variables into consideration.

Moreover, I might say that how Class of Lies ended is not something forced but it’s not also lame; as it will surely give you a good “ending” for such mystery thriller K-drama. The thing is, more questions in your mind might arise starting episode 16. Will justice be served? What will happen next to the lawyer, prosecutor, and teacher? Will they fail giving Su Ah the justice she deserves?

In my case, I realized that there are really various things in life that I didn’t know— from people, to happenings, to stories, and more. There’s more to life; what’s important is we do what is right and good, no matter how hard it could be.

2. Outstanding acting skills of actors and actresses

Of course, all the actors and actresses of Class of Lies did great. Their acting skills are really superb that’s why you’ll surely get swayed, and will want to know more about the case of Su Ah and more.

I’ll admit that Yun Kyun Sang is a really different actor from how I’ve known him in his previous K-dramas. I can totally say that he’s such a versatile actor that will give you goosebumps, can make you mad, or can even make you laugh or smile.

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I would also like to give applause to Lee Soon Won who may have had few scenes here compared to other characters; however, he pretty showed us that he can take any role and gave us something more to expect from the K-drama itself.

They are all great, from the students, to the grown-ups, and to supporting characters. They let us see their different sides and did their best to give us such a great piece.

3. Plot twists

There are characters who look innocent in this K-drama which turned out to be the opposite; while there are suspicious characters in here that are less likely related to the case. The writer of Class of Lies did a great job to execute plot twists that will surely blow the veiwer’s mind.

Aside from that, you might well expect that your suspicion may or might not be true. You’ll surely get more curious while watching the next episodes.

Despite the various plot twists given by the writer, it cannot be denied that Class of Lies still appeal realistic to the audience. As episode 14 came, you might get frustrated on how the characters will reveal the truth and send the real suspect behind the bars.

This K-drama may look as if it only focuses on one case; however, there are still different stories that it will tell. Expect a deep background, reasons, and motives from other characters.

4. Cinematography

Aside from the actors, actresses, and writer, I would say that the production staff and the others did an impressive job to come up with great cinematography.

You’ll know upon seeing it!

5. Depicts societal issues

There are many things to expect from Class of Lies but few of these are the societal issues it depicted. I’ll just highlight the first three as follows:

Bullying. Many people experience bullying not because they just take it and endure the pain. We should always think that they didn’t just accept the cruelty which others give them. They tried to beg to the bullies to stop what they’re doing, ask for help, and so. They think things thoroughly; however, there are really those people who choose to bully others even if they know that they’re hurting them. Yet, these bullies also need help by educating them that what they’re doing is not good and will never be right. They all need help and guidance, not hate or bad criticism.

Superiority in work, school, and so on. Sadly, superiority happens everywhere. There are people who are forced to do something by those who are above them. As much as you can, please, don’t be like them. There are still people around who are good; take them as your role model. If you want to be treated well; then, start it from yourself— treat others well and don’t step on anyone.

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6. Life lessons


Class of Lies made us realize that greed and insecurity are two things we should avoid. As seen in the characters, almost all of them want to gain something from what they are doing. Whatever means they might have on mind, fooling around or being manipulative or wanting something to end up on their hands no matter how much it costs, it is still wrong and will never be right. Don’t let greed eat you; set yourself free from such excessive desire and start to aim for good and right things.

On the other hand, we also need to accept that everyone is unique and has different strengths. Step by step, kill that insecurity on your head or heart, or else it might give birth to more negative things or problems. It’s not too late to change, repent, and reflect in life. There’s a saying that once you did something wrong, it can be called as a “mistake.” However, the second time you do it, it’s already a choice. Make a better choice. Decide wisely on who you want to be.


There are also those people who can’t admit their mistakes so they’ll find somebody else to blame. Sadly, Beom Jin showed us that there could be someone who can be manipulative, commiting mistakes but won’t like to be responsible of his wrongdoings.


The characters of this K-drama especially Ha So Hyeon taught us that it’s so important not to be so emotional while making decisions, instead think critically. For example, if we genuinely want to help somebody else, come up with choices while using critical thinking; then, make sure that you’re not going to hurt or cause problems to the other person at the end, likely to what Ha So Hyeon did in the K-drama. Sometimes, our emotions hinder us from having wise decisions.


Gi Mu Hyeok, Ha So Hyeon, Cha Hyeon Jeong, and Park Won Seok helped us to realize that team work is really worth it. Help one another and make sure to build trust. If ever you need to work on something with other people, make sure to show leadership, willingness, be hard working, and never make things harder for them.


Be careful on who you trust. From the friendship of Veritas Club to the connections of the grown-ups here, they all taught us that we really need to be careful on who we trust. There are people who look nice and will treat us nice as well, but who knows what might happen later? Choose your friends wisely; and as said from one of the characters, be wise on who you hang out with.


Everyone can change by experience or as time passes by. Gi Mu Hyeok is a perfect example that everyone can change if they want to. There are things in life that we experience which help us to repent and reflect in life. Or there are times when we’ll have change of mind or heart as time passes by.

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Anyone around us can change and you might be one of the people around them that can witness that; so, the only thing you need not to forget is to be supportive. Never call them names or use their past to hurt them as they go through a “changing” process. Let them be and let them feel that they can be better, they can change their perspective, and so on as long as it’s for good and they’re aiming for what is right.


End victim blaming. Han Su took all the courage to protect Su Ah from those people around her and even from public. His statement about understanding Su Ah and her decision is really good. It shows compassion, sympathy, and deep understanding why others come up with decisions in their lives. Never judge and end victim blaming.


Importance of family. The parents play a big role in molding the character, teaching values, and helping their child to achieve their dreams. Family members are so important to the lives of children especially to their “future selves.” Others might not know it but how you interact, communicate, and act towards a child affect them so much in many aspects. So, be careful on what you teach to your child and what you let them see inside or outside the house.

7. Interesting and touching lines

The truth doesn’t require a lot of words, but no words are enough for a lie.

Friedrich Nietzsche

We can talk and find solutions together.

Ha So Hyeon

I believe that if someone did something wrong, he/she should admit it and correct it.

Sin Hye Soo

The school is for the students. This isn’t a place where we flatter the foundation (higher ups) and chase after profits.

President of CHS

8. Being an effective lawyer…

Class of Lies taught us that being an effective lawyer means working to defend the truth and not just to win a case for self-benefit. When you insisted on meddling your work with your personal problems and selfishness, you might lose the chance to protect the truth and might just end up ruining things. Set aside personal things and don’t let inequity be born because of you.

If you like solving puzzles, digging into cases, using your critical thinking and analysis, and mystery thriller genre of K-drama; then OCN’s Class of Lies is best for you! It’s a great piece for those who want to try intriguing, exciting yet have bearable thrilling scenes (for those who can’t take watching so much violence), and worth it K-drama. This will even taught you a lot of things from laws, to societal issues, and more. Guess what, aside from the thrill, it can also make you smile and laugh.

Rest assured that Class of Lies will not disappoint you knowing that it’s a masterpiece produced by OCN!

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