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6 Reasons why you should watch the 2019 South Korean movie “Start-up” now

Being able to relax is one of the top things I dearly love doing so. With relaxation, I try working on things that give me happiness. Some of these are writing, reading, learning, and watching. So, for last night, I chose to watch a Korean movie that was released recently.

Then, I read in Annyeong Oppa group that Start-up is a must watch film. So, I looked for it, gave it a try, and would like to thank the one who recommended it online because it’s so good!

What is this about?

Start-up is a South Korean movie starring Ma Dong Seok, Jung Hae In, Park Jung Min, Yum Jung Ah, and Choi Sung Eun. It was released last December 2019.

It tells the story of a foolish rebel, Taek Il, who dropped out in school. He always argue with his mother, so one day, he runaway from home. Then, he goes somewhere in Gusan and meets Geo Seok, the mysterious chef of a Chinese restaurant where he applies to work.

Likely to him, his friend Sang Pil also got a job. He landed with a loan office work, with the aim to give his grandmother a good life.

With different backgrounds and characteristics, they will attempt to face the real world together.

Taek Il will be played by Park Jung Min; Geo Seok will be played by Ma Dong Seok; Jung Hae In as Sang Pil; Choi Sung Eun as Kyung Joo; and Yum Jung Ah will play as Taek Il’s mother.

Saying all these, why Start-up is a must watch movie that you shouldn’t miss out on?

Impressive acting skills

What I truly love the most about the actors and actresses of this film is their impressive acting skills. They played their roles so well giving a realistic emotions and actions to their characters.

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It was great to watch this movie because as a viewer, I totally understood their hardships and was able to easily perceive their thoughts that they want to tell the audience. Although it’s only less than two hours, I was able to enjoy it as if I was with them on that journey.

Their acting skills are not plain but I can say that it’s not being out of hand. They’ve used their eyes more to convey a message but have also shown the emotions that should be felt. Additionally, they also made me laugh in the middle of the night, get thrilled, and sad; as if I’m on a roller coaster of emotions but it’s not stressful as it’s more likely relaxing.

Cameo of Yoo Su Bin

Crash Landing On You rising star Yoo Su Bin had his cameo in this movie! I wasn’t informed that he’ll have a special appearance here, so it’s really unexpected.

I won’t give more spoilers about it but I’d like to say that his appearance here made me happy. You should look forward to it!


I’ve already mentioned the story of this film above and I must say that it’s relatable to many people. Whatever your age is, you can surely get to relate yourselves in their characters.

It’s not a common topic being used in movie but it’s actually great that they noticed it. Despite of a somehow serious story, the movie still came out with a genre of comedy.

Life lesson: Do not take shortcuts all the time

If there’s a life lesson in this movie that really got my attention, it would be, “Don’t take shortcuts all the time in life.” There are instances in life that we tend to get so tired of our situation. So, we’ll look for a shortcut to end our sufferings.

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Likely to the three of the characters in this film, some choose to drop out of school because they feel that they’re only causing big problems. So, they tried to look for a job but the reality has gone face to face with them. One of the saddest thing in Start-up is how Sang Pil ended up with a bad situation in his work.

Good thing, they realized the importance of appreciating what they have in life. For Sang Pil, he learned that a work is no good if you’re beaten up because of it, causing a big problem to others while you’re getting money from them, and having your life always in the line.

At the end, it’s important to face our problems with strength so we’ll not end up doing shortcuts all the time. Sometimes, shortcuts lead people to the wrong way. Give yourself time to heal, give yourself time to come up with right and good decision. The journey might be so long and tiring but you will surely get into your destination.

Life lesson: Be kind, understanding, and appreciative of your family

Start-up has a lot of life lessons, aside from the mentioned ones, which I didn’t expect. One example is whatever the situation is, always choose to be kind. Because other people doesn’t seem to have problems in life but they also get hurt. So, be kind and don’t cause pain in other people’s lives. We don’t know a single thing about them, so don’t act as if you’re the only one who should be treated well.

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Aside from that, be understanding as well and don’t be full of yourself. We tend to miss out the big things in life because we forget to be considerate of other people’s situations. Try to understand that your family isn’t perfect, your life can’t always go as you’ve expected, others can’t tell their pain, and so on.

Lastly, appreciate your family because they are your treasure in life. Even if the world turn their back on you, your family will still be there, waiting for you.


A big applause to the production team and all staffs of Start-up for coning up with a great cinematography! It helps well in giving a good mood and exact story to be told.

The visual elements, camera motion and angle, focus, color, and so on have complemented each other. So, it gives a pleasing to the eyes and great film to the audience.

Saying that, the story flow was smooth and the film had easily shown what they wanted to do so. The less than two hours spent is worth it!

I’d also like to show appreciation to the artworks shown at the last part. They’ve chosen a good decision/thing on how the movie will close.


Start-up is such a great movie to watch if you want to relax, laugh, be captivated by the cast members, and learn life lessons. Watch it now!

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